Iams kitten food products and benefits

IAMS is a large company that pioneered in the production of high-end line of pet food for cats and dogs, for which its name was dedicated to its founding father, Paul F. Iams, a son of an animal feed store owner.

The company was founded in 1946. The company first ventured in the production of dog food for which Iams had always believed that dogs need foods high in protein, good fats, and low in harmful minerals in their diets. Today, not only does IAMS lead in the sale of dog food, but of cat food as well. It has committed itself into creating pet food that was a product of teamwork between nutritionists and veterinarians.

IAMS has a high-end line of quality kitten food. One of these is the IAMS Premium Protection kitten food. It has PreBiotics that aids in proper digestion and the development of a strong immune system.

The first year of a cat’s life is a crucial stage in the evolution of the animal. When you were not responsible enough in providing your kitten with the proper diet, chances are you will have a weak cat in the end. Worse, its life span is shortened. Believe it or not, kittens, like human babies, also need DNA for the development of the brain and visual senses. Immune system development, on the other hand, is evident in kittens in the presence of Vitamin E in their diet. A healthy skin and coat is a result of omega fatty acids found mostly in fish. A kitten food that has more than a dozen nutrients that can also be found in its mother’s milk is also vital. A meal rich in protein aids in the growth of muscles and bones. Artificial coloring should never be included.

All of the above-mentioned requirements for a kitten food are present in IAMS Premium Protection kitten food that may be fed in cats from 1 month to 12 months of age.

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