How to Pay Less for Your Dog’s Heartworm Pills

We all want to find ways to save money.  However we also want the very best for our pets, which can mean we inadvertently spend more than we might on their health-care.  One regular medicine that most dog owners now use are heartworm pills, so it makes sense to find a way to pay less for them, without reducing the monthly health benefits of using such a preventative medicine.  Here are a few ways to save on your dog’s heartworm preventative medicines:

  1. Switch from brands like Heartgard Plus for dogs to a generic product such as Nuheart.  Many people shy away from generics wrongly believing that branded is best.  The reality is that the brand is simply the one you have heard about, because it is they that developed the medicine and so they are allowed a ten year monopoly period when no-one else is permitted to produce their own version.  Once the monopoly is over other pet medicine manufacturers are allowed to produce their own versions.  To be granted a license by the FDA, the generic product must be proven to be medicinally identical to the brand.  So whilst tablet shape or color may change as these are copyrighted, what is actually in the pill is identical.  With savings of anything up to 70% for generic pet medicines over their branded counterpart this is a straightforward way to make some great savings.
  2. Order your heartworm pills online.  Your vet is often the traditional place you buy such products.  But with a small customer base they are unlikely to be able to offer the best prices, so go on-line and see what savings you can make.
  3. Order your dog’s heartworm medication from a Canadian pet pharmacy.  Canadian authorities have ruled that many of the most well-known heartworm pills may be sold without a prescription.  This will save you time and money as you can order without visiting your vet to pick up a prescription.

These three tips should help you make some great cost savings on your dog’s very important heartworm pills.

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