How to make a good choice with large indoor rabbit cages

Rabbits are definitely nice pets to have at home. Their innocent looks, attractive colors, expressive eyes, and playful personalities allow any member of the home to have fun looking at them which could account for some stress at work or at school to temporarily fade away. With a carefully thought out method and schedule of feeding, grooming, and housing the pet rabbit, you can expect it to live a long time, at an average of 9 to 12 years. Large indoor rabbit cages abound anywhere, from online stores to your local pet shop.

Although you will have your pet to live inside your house’s premises, you should never conclude that how we survive inside our house is similar to what the rabbit can tolerate. There are factors such as size, ventilation, comfort, diet and company that will affect the life span of your pet. It is recommended that before you even bring your rabbit to your home, all the essentials are prepared way ahead, such as cage, toys, food, and all other accessories relevant in the rabbit’s cage.

When it comes to choosing the cage for your pet, make sure that it is easily accessible on your part. While you have to ensure the rabbit’s comfort and safety, you will also need a cage that will make it easy for you to clean and sanitize it. Also, your rabbit needs to be able to hop in and out instead of you having to pick it up. You can go for cages with pull-up or slide doors.

As for the size, bigger is always better. The cage needs to be at least 4 times bigger than the size of the rabbit so it can freely roam and play around. As for the flooring, it may not always be safe to have a wire mesh flooring as not all breeds have a soft cushioning on their soles, which means that they will require some padding on the floor. Better yet, opt for solid floors. If you are really committed to keeping your rabbit safe and healthy at the same time, taking the extra mile of accepting the responsibility of a more thorough approach to cleaning its cage won’t necessarily be a tough job for you.

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