How to choose a healthy teacup kitten for sale

Teacup kittens are miniature kittens derived from special mutations of normal sized breeds of cats which resulted to smaller sized kittens. Most of these kittens come from true Persian cats only that their sizes are half of the normal sized ones. Their height is at most 9 inches in height and their maximum weight is at 5 to 6 pounds when they reach their mature ages. We will be discussing about the measures that any pet lover, including you, should undergo when choosing a teacup kitten for sale. It is an important reminder for you as well that not all teacup kittens you see from cat breeders or pet shops are genuine miniature cats. They sometimes sell small cats that do not even pass the qualifications for a teacup kitten. Therefore, you must practice caution at all times by following the instructions below.

  1. Buy teacup kittens only from a reputable person known to be breeding genuine teacup kittens. Knowing a supplier who’s just residing near your community is better as frauds rarely happen. You can also find some of them through catteries that have websites which show pictures of the different breeds of teacup kittens that they offer to sell. They also allow you to make reservations for kittens of your choice. Now we all know as well that there are fake sites on the Internet. Make sure that your seller is recognized by feline associations so you will never become a victim of fraud.
  2. When you’ve found a trusted supplier, it’s time begin looking for an active kitten because that is a sign of good health. Also, the kitten must have a health certificate.
  3. The kitten’s temperament is also one factor that you should consider. If you want to have one for a pet then make sure you have asked your supplier is the kitten’s breed is one that most likely wants to be touched and cuddled.
  4. Male and female kittens show different behaviors therefore choosing the sex of the kitten must also be considered.

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