So, You Bought a Horse: What Now?

Horses are known to be one of the largest domesticated animals/pets that you can have without getting in trouble with local law enforcement or animal control. Whether you choose to raise horses for pleasure or business, it is a hard and very time consuming job. You have to have lots of land and a fair […]

Buying the Best Cheap Horse Rugs for Less!

Horse rugs, at one time, was the way you could keep your horse warm and dry during the cold winter weather.  The Native Americans used them for the horses’ comfort and warmth.  The rug was the only thing between them and the horse that they used for their own comfort as well. The blankets were […]

The Haflinger As Companion Horse

Plenty of horse owners have faced the challenge of finding a companion for a single horse. Maybe you had several horses and one of them died or had to be moved to a new pasture or barn. Maybe you were boarding and now you are able to keep your horse closer to home. If you […]

Used Western Saddle Tips

There are few pieces of tack as important to an equestrian as the saddle that she or he is using to ride their horse. And one of the questions that a lot of them end up asking at some point in their career is whether or not it is appropriate to purchase a saddle that […]