Helping Hand Company litter picker tools

The Helping Hand Company has a variety of litter picker tools that you may purchase online should you wish to become an active member of an organization in your community who take action in collecting litters to ensure the cleanliness of your neighborhood. Litter pickers are used all over the world in forest parks, amusement parks, residential areas, stadiums, golf courses, and so much more so that the management of litter would not have to be causing strains on the back caused by bending over in picking up trash by hand. Most of their products may not be available worldwide, but by contacting their head office in the UK you will be directed to a local distributor.

The following are some of the company’s litter picker tools:
1)    Litterpicker Extra Reacher. It is 50 inches long and is ideal for use in ponds, tall trees, high hedges and streams.
2)    Litterpicker Ranger-curved handle. This product is ideal for use on hard or rough objects, such as bricks. It has what they call as jaws that work like an extension of your hands to firmly take a grip of an object. It is strong but lightweight. It Is 35” long.
3)    Straight Handle Litterpicker Ranger. Stretching at 35 inches long, this is similar as #2 above, only that it does not have a curved handle but a straight one instead.
4)    Graptor Litterpicker. This is a perfect product for children who want to become full-pledged community litter pickers! It is 27 inches long, and its dinosaur design will help kids look at litter picking fun and exciting!
5)    The Litterpicker ’09. Available in 85cm and 93cm, its rubber teeth hold items securely and the reflective strips will make you visible even in quite dimmed areas.
6)    The Streetmaster ’09. The latest design help you attain increased visibility with its bright color and reflective strips.

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