HALTI Dog Collar – Purpose, Inventor, and Sizing

Dog collars are used for many purposes. It may be used for control, identification, or fashion. They are used to establish control over a pet dog when a harness is attached to it. They are uses for identification as in the case of registered dogs or those undergoing some medical attention. Certain pet lovers have their dogs wear collars as a fashion statement. There are instances when dogs owned by celebrities don expensive collars made of special nylons or adorned with expensive gems.

It is undoubtedly clear that dogs have made such a huge impact in mankind’s history. They have been a part in one man’s quest when it comes to travel, in fighting crimes, in providing therapeutic effects with the ill, and safeguarding of homes. As times changed and got more modernized, smart and lighthearted people devoted themselves in the research, improvement and development of dog’s skills, their habitat, and their quality of life. One of these people is Dr. Roger Mugford, whose expertise has led him to the invention of the patented HALTI dog collar.

Who is Dr. Roger Mugford?
He is a leading animal behaviorist and psychologist, general media personality and expert witness in animal related legal issues in Britain. He is the founder of the country’s Animal Behaviour Center that was established in 1979 to become the leading center for the treatment of behavior problems in pets. His center’s purpose was to research new products and techniques that will help control and train pets in the most comfortable way. Since he holds advanced degrees in zoology and psychology, it was never too hard for him and his staff to find ways in saving the lives of animals and educating their owners. He is widely acknowledged to be Britain’s leading animal psychologist, and perhaps an added point to his credibility is having trained Queen Elizabeth’s Welsh Corgis, special types of herding dogs that originated in Wales. He is also referred as the founding father of pet behavior therapy in Britain.

His center was committed in creating new products that will help humanely restrain pet animals or improve their behaviors. His highly acclaimed work, which was also patented, is the HALTI Head Collar. The availability of this product was realized through the setting up of The Company of Animals in 1984 as a way to market Mugford’s inventions as well as other products that aid in the improvement of behavior and development of unique skills in pets that eventually make a huge difference in their lives and their guardians’ lives.

The HALTI Head Collar
It is a fact that certain pets have distinct personalities, and depending on their upbringing, have personalities resulting to their earlier habitats prior to a pet lover’s ownership. For example, a dog that was used to being caged in long periods of time may have a difficulties adjusting to a new owner which allows it to wander in a long and wide yard because its previous habitat has led it into believing that the cage is the safest place to live. This and other behavior problems in dogs are addressed by the center since 1979, and problems like aggression, separation anxieties, inappropriate toileting, phobias, and so much more are well handled by any dog owner who has the HALTI attached to the dog.

The HALTI is the world’s most favorite dog collar because it allows owners to exercise maximum control over their dogs while ensuring a comfortable and humane way of guiding the dog on any direction. It does not have metal parts. The point of steering is well down the nose and away from the eyes. Training dogs and modifying their behaviors become useful and well-protected with the use of this accessory. Though owners have the freedom to control their dogs, the dogs are also still capable of allowing movement in their heads and mouths. It controls the dog’s head but does not hamper it from panting, drinking, or grasping objects. It helps teach the dog to refrain from pulling away during walks and in the more advanced classes of training in dogs. The comfort and security it provides made it pass product patenting standards. It is now widely available in the United States through accredited suppliers.

HALTI Sizing

Sizing for the HALTI is easy. It is available in 6 sizes labeled 0 to 5. All you need to do is get familiarized with your dog’s breed and choosing a size is never a challenge.

  1. Size 0. Miniature Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Yorkie.
  2. Size 1. Border Terrier, Jack Russel, Cairn, Cavalier King Charles, Corgi, Std Dachshund, Sheltie, Westie, Whippet.
  3. Size 2. Basenji, Beagle, Border Collie, Buhund, Cockers, Rough Collie, Saluki, Samoyed, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Standard Poodle.
  4. Size 3. Afghan, Airedale, Boxer, Briard, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Doberman, Greyhound, German Shepherd, Husky, Labrador, Old English Sheepdog, Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, Weimaraner.
  5. Size 4. Bernese M.D., Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Pyrenean, Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Wolfhound.
  6. Size 5. Bloodhound, Large Danes, Mastiff, St. Bernard.

You may be asking yourself how in the world the HALTI will allow the owner to exhibit maximum control over the dog’s behavior while taken out for a walk or trained for shows. The logic here is that the nylon head collar will stop the dog’s pulling tendency. When you guide the head, the body will follow.

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