HALTI dog collar sizing

Head collars for dogs are important accessories to help identify your pet dog as well as in the control of their behavior. They are the most popular accessories that aid in directing and teaching dogs to get used to certain behaviors and commands. Dogs have been great players in the history of mankind. As years progressed, so are the acknowledgement of dogs’ needs after years of thorough research and observation. Today, plenty of collars are available categorized into different groups according to purpose. Basic collars include those that are used merely for control of a pet dog, or as a fashion accessory. Then we also have training collars for which various kinds of them are sold. They are used and recommended by and for dog trainers, in such a way that even the most inexperienced dog owner can learn to train their dog effectively only by using these training collars.

One of these training collars is head halters. The design is similar to that of a horse’s halter. It is attached around the back of the neck and over the top of the muzzle. This device allows the owner to get more over control in a humanely way over dog’s direction and restricts it from dog’s most common behavior of pulling away from their owners when they become aggressive or excited. This is possible because the leash is way below the neck and over its head, still allowing it make movements on its head when it want to drink, eat, or grasp objects.

HALTI head collar sizing is not difficult to figure out. All it takes is to know firsthand the breed of your dog. HALTI brand had its sizes conform to the different breeds of dogs. For example, Size 0 is meant for miniature dogs like a poodle or dachshund; and its largest size, a 5, is ideal for the biggest breeds of dogs like a St. Bernard.

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