HALTI dog collar instructions on fitting

The use of the HALTI dog collar demands a lot of patience and understanding. Using it as not suggested by The Company of Animals (the company that produces and markets the HALTI) may hamper you into seeing the real purpose for which it was created. Understanding the behaviors of dogs in having it get used to wearing something he wasn’t accustomed yet is vital. There are methods to follow in order to acclimate your dog to the HALTI.

The first step in fitting the collar onto your dog is to get it accustomed first for a few days in short 5 minute sessions within the house. Have it sniff the collar and follow it with some treats. While doing so gently slip the collar onto the dog’s muzzle and lock the collar with the clip behind the dog’s head. When you see that the dog is getting more familiar and comfortable with the collar rested on its head and the straps on its nose, you can now attach the leash.

The use of the collar with the leash must be done first only within a familiar area. Have walks around the house for a few minutes with the collar and leash on. Once you see that your dog is getting more and more comfortable with the HALTI and the leash attached to it, you can proceed with taking the dog out for a walk outside your home’s premises. Make it fun and never make too much pressure on gaining control over your dog. Remember that the HALTI was created to gently gain control over the dog’s head. When it attempts to pull away or suddenly run once it sees a fellow dog or a group of dogs, the gentle tug the HALTI creates is enough to get its attention. Check regularly the fit of the collar to ensure that the dog’s eyes are about half an inch from the strap that rests on the bridge of the nose.


  1. How can I make sure it is placed properly if you do not provide pictures?
    I have used it, and it works well, but her eyes are partialy blocked, I can not find ANY instructions for putting the thing on her!

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