HALTI dog collar instructions for use

The HALTI dog collar is a popular choice among dog owners who wish to train their dogs learn new tricks as well as those who are having challenges with their problem dogs. It assists in leash training and also guides the owner in enhancing his control over his dog. It looks like a halter for the horse. It help stop dogs from pulling, is a great alternative to choke collars, and has adjustable strap for a correct fit. If you haven’t tried using a HALTI dog collar before and wishes to try it on your dog, be guided on the instructions below so you will get a clear and accurate understanding on how to put it on your dog. The use of the HALTI requires patience and understanding, mainly if your problem is an overly shy or extremely aggressive dog.

The first need you need to do is make sure that you buy the correct size for your dog. HALTI sizing is basic and simple, and all you need is to equip yourself with the knowledge on your dog’s breed and its physique. The smallest size is for very small dogs like the miniature dachshund, and the biggest size is ideal for bloodhounds. Makers of HALTI suggest that you begin putting the collar with a treat to feed your dog. Make the dog sniff the collar, and then give it a second treat. Slip the collar onto the dog’s muzzle and allow the rings to hang under the dog’s chin. Buckle the collar behind the dog’s ears. You may adjust the collar but make sure it is not too tight in such a way that you can gently lip two fingers under the collar.

When using the head collar, remember not to yank on the leash suddenly or pull it abruptly. Take not that the HALTI was created to gently and humanely take control over your dog’s head. Do not put too much pressure on the product because when the dog attempt to pull away on the leash, a gentle tug is enough to get its attention.

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