HALTI dog collar creator

The most popular head halter ever invented is that of the HALTI head collar, designed by a British animal behaviorist and psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford. It had made waves; and the safety, security, and convenience it provides both to dog and its owner had earned the product its patent privileges. It is available in the UK, the US and other parts of the world.

Mugford is known to be UK’s leading animal psychologist. He pioneered the study of behavioral therapy in pets. In 1979 he founded the Animal Behaviour Center. His methods, techniques, and observations in pets were embraced by many veterinary surgeons in the country. He became very popular due to his works related to the explanations behind certain aggression in dogs, since these animals are the most popular and first priority pets among pet lovers. Also, the use of dogs are evident in several areas, such as in fighting crimes, searching for missing persons, safeguarding of the home and some sort of therapy effects on ill or dying patients at hospitals. Today, Dr. Mugford is a common face on several symposia, TV programs, and in veterinary schools.

The HALTI dog collar looks like a halter for a horse. The nylon head collar restricts your dog from constantly pulling away from you because when you have control over the dog’s head, its body will follow. It easily attaches to your leash and is a great alternative to the choke collar. The strap behind the ears is adjustable because it has a quick clip closure. The 6 available sizes of the HALTI are specifically mastered to meet the size requirements of every dog breed.

There have been many criticisms with this brand of head collar, saying that it is not safe for a dog such that when it gets uncomfortable of the halter on its nose it might scratch its face. Having understood now that the product was designed by an expert professional who mastered behaviors of animals, active in the protection of animal rights, and had advanced degrees in zoology and psychology, there is o reason for anyone to doubt the amazing benefits of the HALTI, especially for dog owners who are having challenges with problem dogs.

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