Guidelines in the care of teacup Persian kittens

Teacup kittens are smaller versions of the Persian kittens. The most common type of teacup kittens is the Persian, so you should not be surprised to see photos of these kittens on the Internet labeled as teacup Persian kittens. Take note that when adopting a teacup Persian kitten, you can only bring them into your home when it reaches 5 months old. The explanation behind this is due to the fact that since they are so small they need extra attention in ensuring their health before supplying them to pet owners. Aside from that, these kittens are products of genetic mutations to make them appear proportionally small all over their bodies, smaller than their bigger, more normal versions of Persian cats.

The traditional size of a Persian cat is 10 to 15 pounds, but a male teacup Persian kitten reaches its mature age weighing 7.5 to 9 pounds, and its female counterpart at 6.5 to 8 pounds. When buying a teacup, caution is the word, as there are many scams on the Internet where cat sites are offering the sale of teacup kittens only to get an invalid teacup delivered into your doorstep and sometimes, none at all.

Once you have gotten yourself a genuine teacup Persian kitten or kittens, you must now go on with performing your responsibilities as their owner. Give the kittens 2 to 3 days to adjust to their new home. In the first few days, keep them in a location where there aren’t too many people passing by in long periods as they will easily scare while they are still trying to adjust to a new environment. Interact with your teacups in a soft voice and avoid startling them.  Make sure that they have fresh water and a good quality cat food. Remember that not all foods that humans eat are good for pets because it is not a guarantee that their stomachs can digest the food that humans can tolerate. Toys are also essentials in the form of tissue rolls and old papers, and pet shops also sell ready-made toys for cats.

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