Guidelines in choosing the best teacup Himalayan kittens for sale

There are plenty of websites that offer teacup Himalayan kittens for sale. For the most part, if you care to know, none of them are registered as breeds by major registries, such as the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). Take a look into their websites and you will find none of the so-called teacup kitten breeds are found on their registry of recognized breeds. However, the teacups may be registered with the CFA for selling and adoption purposes. Teacup kittens have actually caused a lot of controversy among cat lovers and experts and have considered breeders of the teacups scams who are out to monetarily benefit from the curiosity of uneducated animal lovers. The good reason for this is that most of these kittens are born with serious health issues as a result of genetic mutation. When we say they are small, they are not just short-legged. They are extremely small with proportional sizes on the body and lower extremities.

Not all teacup kittens though are born with some health issues. Some manage to be born healthily, appear active, and look lovable to hold. Because of their small sizes, they are also called “palm-sized”, “pixie”, “mini” and “pocket”.

It is quite difficult to find a teacup kitten for sale from a responsible breeder. There may be too many of them on the Internet, luring you with many promises and flowering words depicting the features of their kittens as well as showing some of their pictures, but their sites won’t really tell you in truth whether or not they have been harsh in the process of mutating these cats. It would be best to search for a local cattery in your area that specializes in the field of teacup kittens. When there is none, you can just try to join cat forums or websites where fellow cat owners are members and you can get a lot of information through exchange of knowledge and experiences. In that way, you can learn firsthand where to go and where not to go.

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