Great Toys To Make Your Cat Purr

As any cat lover can tell you, hearing their kitty per is one of the most enjoyable experiences of cat ownership.  Your cat purring lets you know just how happy they are being around you and the more you can make them per, the happier you will be around them. If you’re trying to make your cat as happy as it possibly can be, you should definitely look into buying cat toys that make their life much more fun.

Below I will explain several toys that can make your cat go crazy and display a brand new sense of affection towards you.

A standard cat toy will be regular catnip, a plant that puts them in the most pleasurable state of mind a cat can be in.  The catnip plant is in actually growing plants that releases chemicals that tried the cat wild into a state of euphoria.  The more cats put pressure on to the plant, the more it seemingly affects them.

Another great variation of catnip toys is the scratching post. This type of cat furniture allows your cats to scratch and object, allowing them to give their claws some exercise without destroying your favorite home items.  This is perfect for people who have cats who love the scratch things, but are sick of getting their couches and other nice items ruined in the process.

Thirdly, if you are looking to give your cat of little bit of luxury in his life, you should definitely purchase him a new cat bed.  These cat beds are very plush and are very warm for your cat to sleep in and they’ll love the fuzzy material lining it.  I have purchased one for my cat and he immediately fell in love with it, although he only sleeps and it when I place it on my bed.

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