Give Your Cat or Dog the Gift of a Fresh Water Pet Fountain

Improve your cat or dog’s health and well being with a pet fountain. By providing a constant flow of fresh water for your pet, you’ll also be providing motivation for your pet to drink more water. Dogs and cats need a good amount of fresh water daily to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

It’s a fact that animals, especially cats, tend to refuse drinking water that’s been sitting stagnant. They, like us, need and prefer, fresh water over that dusty, bacterial laden stuff that is usually offered to them in bowls that get filled once a day and left until tomorrow. Thankfully, the pet fountain was created and with it comes a filtered steady flow of fresh and tasty water. For cats, ceramic pet fountains are the best bet.

The pet fountain is available in various sizes and styles and is made from various materials such as plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. It’s priced anywhere from the low $20s to upwards of $100 depending on materials and water holding capabilities. There are different types of water flows such as the downward faucet style or the upward bubbling type. Both styles are beneficial however the downward faucet type is more appealing to cats because it catches and holds their attention and provides them with the waterfall type of flow they most prefer to drink from.

To find the biggest selection and the right pet fountain for your furry friend, be sure to shop online. Get the best fountain your budget allows and be sure to change the water as per manufacturer’s instruction (which is usually weekly) and be sure to change the filter as recommended as well. A good tip is to order extra filters at the same time you’re ordering the pet fountain so that you’ll always have a fresh supply to keep the water in your pet’s fountain as fresh as can be.

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