Getting Your Little Dog Or Cat On The Plane

One of the hardest things about traveling when you have pets is the process and hassle involved with leaving them behind.  If you’re going on a trip where it makes sense to simply bring your pet with you it isn’t actually as hard to manage as it used to be.  Most airlines will allow small pets that will fit under the seat now, as long as you put them in small dog carriers that are well suited to airline travel.

Bringing Your Animal With You

Airlines generally allow small dogs and cats to be placed in any carrier that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.  The exact dimensions for your seats should be available on the company website along with rules about what pets you are and are not allowed to take on board.  When you bring a pet onto an airline in the cabin the pet will count as one of your two pieces of carry on luggage, so be aware that you’ll need to pack personal effects you’d normally put in a purse or backpack in your larger carry on.

Choosing The Right Carrier For Your Pet

There are quite a few airline approved pet carriers out there that will claim they are the only way to safely bring a pet on an airplane.  In truth, any carrier small enough to fit the required dimensions should work just fine.  The bottom needs to be waterproof, and you should always check with your specific carrier’s rules to make sure there aren’t any specific requirements for you.

Protecting Your Pet

Take care of your pet by making an appointment with your vet before you go on any plane trip together.  If your pet has any physical issues that might make flying unusually stressful, it is important to find out they are there for safety’s sake.

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