Get Cleaner Aquarium Water With A Canister Filter

Having a good filter is a must for any aquarium owner. The filter purifies the water already in the tank and produces cleaner water to be recycled back into the tank, ensuring the health of the fish or other animals inside. A canister filter is a big and powerful filter especially designed for this purpose. It does the job by employing mechanical, chemical, or biological filtration as the need arises.

One main feature of the canister filter is the lid. This lid holds a magnetic motor, through which water from the aquarium is propelled through the filtration media. A good model like the Eheim canister filter will have a quiet and powerful motor, to enable faster cleaning of water.

Another feature of the filter is the filtering media. This is the heart of the device. Different models have different varieties of media, with some, like the Eheim 2260 canister filter, having integrated wet and dry biological filters set up into 3 stages. These media function by both trapping particulates and neutralizing toxins or even killing harmful bacteria. Needless to say, getting the filter with the best media is the key to having a cleaner aquarium.

Then there are the connector tubes. These function to redirect the treated water back to the aquarium. These need to be durable and flexible to withstand repeated usage. It should also be able to handle both salt and freshwater.

One convenient feature of this type of filter is low maintenance. With proper operation, this filter only needs to be maintained once or twice a year, with each maintenance check taking only about 15 minutes. This means there is more time for viewing the fish and less tedium with cleaning.

Aquarium owners who are looking for ways to effectively clean the aquarium water should consider a canister filter. However, money spent on cheap models that do not really filter properly might end up poisoning the fish in the long run. A filter should always have a good motor, good media and good connectors as mentioned above, to ensure a worry-free viewing of the fish in the aquarium.

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