Four Ways to Make Christmas Dog Collars

(Katelyn Lee)

You have a special outfit for Christmas, why shouldn’t your dog? Your local pet store has lots of Christmas-themed outfits for your dog, but maybe you just want a simple, festive collar. Luckily, they are easy and relatively inexpensive to make!

                The Ruffled Jester Collar

          What you need: Red and green fabric (felt or fleece is preferable), old nylon collar, bells (optional), glue, needle and thread (optional), scissors

Step 1) Lay out your fabric and measure out and cut appropriately sized triangles of each color.

Step 2) If you would like, sew bells on the longest point of the fabric triangles.

Step 3) Put a string of glue on the straight edge of a red triangle. Glue it to the very top edge of the collar.

Step 4) Glue a red triangle next to it and alternate colors all the way around the collar. Leave the buckle plain.

Step 5) Let it dry. You can also make designs on the triangles for an even more festive look.

          Painted Collars

          What you need: Solid color nylon or leather collar, paint or colored sharpie markers, paintbrush

Step 1) Decide on what designs you would like to make. Some ideas are: snowmen, santas, holly, mistletoe, snowflakes, gingerbread men, elves, reindeer, candy canes, and trees.

Step 2) Get to work! Paint or draw your designs on the collar. Make a whole North Pole scene if you wish!

          Jingle Collars

          What you need: Nylon collar (solid color or designed), jingle bells, glue gun

Step 1) Decide where you want the bells to go. They can be in any random order, or you could put bells all across the top edge of the collar or a few spaced out. Optional: Decorate the collar with paint or sharpie markers.

Step 2) Mark the places you will stick the bells with a black sharpie.

Step 3) Put a dab of glue on each spot with the glue gun. Place the bells in the glue and hold until the glue hardens.

*Make sure the jingle bells don’t fall off! Your pet could swallow them accidentally.

Alternate simple jingle collars: Put a large jingle bell on the ring for your pet’s identification tag (not in place of it, though! Keep your pet’s I.D on always!).

          Jeweled Snowflake Collars

          What you need: Leather or nylon collar, plastic jewels (white or blue gives it more of a snowflake look, but any color can be used), white puff paint, glue

Step 1) Place jewels wherever you want on the collar and glue them down. The jewels are the base of your snowflakes.

Step 2) Make sure you give the jewels time to dry!

Step 3) Using the puff paint, complete the snowflakes by painting several lines and prongs on them. Let paint dry.

**Make sure the jewels don’t fall off! Your pet could accidentally swallow them!

                There you have it! Four simple ways to turn any dog collar into a cute decorative outfit for your pet to wear to the annual Christmas party!

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