Do You Need A Protein Skimmer?

If you have a salt water aquarium and are new to the hobby, you might be having some sticker shock as you see just how much this hobby can hurt your wallet! It does take a lot of effort to try to duplicate the natural environment of your livestock, and anything short of a near […]

Product Review: 4 Gallon Baby Biorb Fish Tanks

(Katelyn Lee) Do you want a beautiful, easy to maintain alternative to the traditional fish tank? Then the Biorb Fish Tank may be the perfect fit for your home. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying and setting up your new Biorb fish tank.                 One of […]

Get Cleaner Aquarium Water With A Canister Filter

Having a good filter is a must for any aquarium owner. The filter purifies the water already in the tank and produces cleaner water to be recycled back into the tank, ensuring the health of the fish or other animals inside. A canister filter is a big and powerful filter especially designed for this purpose. […]