Exotic Pets

Coop Considerations for Raising Backyard Chickens As Pets

Raising backyard chickens is probably one of the closest things to having a farm in an urban area. It is usually a wonderful  way to teach your children about other animals aside from the usual pets (the dogs, cats, hamsters, etc.) that they are used to seeing. However, backyard chickens are not for everyone. It […]

Things to Consider When Looking for Exotic Pets for Sale

Many of us enjoy having pets such as dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and others.  For a pet owner, owning a pet is like having a best friend.  You can relax on your couch while your dog lies beside you.  But imagine having snake crawling near your bed.  For most people, the idea is totally gruesome.  […]

Chinchilla Cages: What You need to Consider

Chinchillas are small rodents that originate in the mountains of South America. They are famous for their thick, soft protective fur, which shields them from cold weather conditions, but also makes them prone to overheating. The first consideration, therefore, when bringing your chinchilla home, is where to house it. You must keep your Chinchilla’s cage […]

Your Comprehensive Ferret Care Guide

Ferrets are feisty, inquisitive, lively and playful animals that can make great pets for the right owners. However, before adopting a ferret, you need to have done your research, as ferrets, despite being the third most popular pets in America after dogs and cats, have special needs you should be aware of. Background Ferrets are […]

Basic information on your new baby hedgehog

Although hedgehogs are native to Europe, Africa and Asia and are never naturally found in the Americas, numerous breeders in the United States and Canada have managed to preserve the existence of hedgehogs and to improve their lifestyles even when held captive as pets. In North America, annual shows that exhibit the skills of hedgehogs […]

Baby hedgehogs and their most common predators

Baby hedgehogs are sometimes rescued during the winter time when they were left alone by their mothers as they look for food during the waking hours of hibernation and were not able anymore to go back to its nest for several reasons; either they were attacked by its common predators such as foxes or badgers, […]

Tips for Buying Baby Hedgehogs for Sale

In the purchase of baby hedgehogs for sale, it must be made known that you may bring your pet to your home provided that it is at least 6 weeks old. Getting a hoglet for a pet before it turns into an adult is way much better than buying an older one because the younger […]

Baby hedgehog statistics in the United States

There are no hedgehogs that are native in the Americas and Canada. In these counties, some people mistake them as porcupines for they also have quills on their backs and on their sides. A hedgehog is an insect-eating mammal that is found throughout the world but is basically native to Europe. The mammal and its […]

When hedgehog babies are born

A baby hedgehog normally emerges from its mother after 35 to 58 days, depending on the species. Its average litter is 3 to 4 newborns for the large groups while smaller hedgehogs can manage to have 5 or 6 at birth. As they come out their quills are covered with protective membranes which dries after […]

Some vital information on the rescue of baby hedgehogs

There is one factor that will put the life of a hoglet to the test. One popular distinguishing characteristic of the baby hedgehog is their lifestyle which includes hibernation. Normally they weigh by 400 grams, but as the weather changes and gets colder, they need to prepare themselves for the winter months mean lesser availability […]

The Baby Hedgehog: History, Description, Food, and Hibernation

Before you take a sneak peek into the life of a baby hedgehog and what makes it especially unique to another baby mammal, it is essential that you are well-informed about a hedgehog in general. First of all, its name is derived from two Middle English words: “heyg” or “hegge” which now represents the modern […]

Sugar Glider Babies – A Precious Joy

In the wild, sugar gliders live in the forests from Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. They are nocturnal animals, in the time of the day they sleep in their nests and at night they feed with insects, small vertebrates and sweet sap of eucalyptus, gum trees and acacia. In a nest, they live […]

What To Know In Taking Care Of Sugar Glider Joeys

Sugar Gliders belong to the possum family and very closely resemble flying squirrels because of their size and shape. They are, however, not related to squirrels at all.They are native to the forests of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Sugar gliders have long been domesticated and many people have started taking care […]

Albino Sugar Glider – A Social And Intelligent Pet

An ever-increasingly popular pet animal, albino sugar glider has a pure snow-white fur and red eyes. It is about eleven inches long and if properly cared for, can remain an ideal companion for almost fifteen years. It is bred in farms and the animal comes in the category of nocturnals who sleep during the day […]

Sugar Glider Facts

Gliding from the land down under straight into your home is the latest trend in exotic pets. The Sugar Glider is a marsupial, but looks very much like a squirrel. The following is a collection of Sugar Glider facts to consider should you imagine yourself with a more exotic pet. Rather than exotic pets such […]

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Sugar Glider Leash

Animals have long been kept for companionship and pleasure. Humans treat them with much care and affection. In return, these animals become a source of comfort and laughter to humans during the latter’s bad and good times. One type of animal that has been steadily increasing in popularity as a pet is the sugar glider. […]

Different Types Of Sugar Glider Cage Sets

Sugar glider cage sets are basically adorable items that comprise of hammocks, pouches, blankets made of different types of fabrics and fleece. The sets are either made using varying colored fabrics.  These sets are used in the interiors of the cage in which the nocturnal animal ‘sugar glider’ are housed. The addition of these sets […]

Choosing The Right Sugar Glider Pouches

There is one animal that not many people would consider of keeping as pet – the sugar glider. It is a small nocturnal creature and looks like a squirrel. Unlike dogs and cats, sugar glider requires care to ensure it is kept healthy. Being an exotic pet, they are not widely accepted in some countries. […]

Sugar Glider Pouches – Carry Your Pet Wherever You Want

Sugar gliders are interesting pets to raise. It is fun to watch the way they play and run around. Since these animals are very small you have to take care of them very carefully. So apart from providing them food and water you should also give them unique protection and take care of them properly. […]

The Charm Of The Leucistic Sugar Glider

Owning a small, cuddly animal is a dream of every pet lover. There is no denying the emotional attachment to one’s pet, and the ability to bring or even carry them around in a pocket holds a great appeal. The leucistic sugar glider is one such pet. It is a small marsupial found in Australia […]

Sugar Glider Colors Explained

Sugar glider colors occur in every shade imaginable. From completely colorless Albino gliders to the darkest Black Beauty creatures, the variety of options is astounding. The striking nature of many of these options can affect both availability and pricing. A description of several variations follows. Albino – The animal is pure white with no stripes […]

A Wealth Of Sugar Glider Color Variations

Sugar glider color variations range from colorless albino to darkest brown and black. Fanciers prize the rarer patterns and breeders often charge more for animals with unusual coloring. Most any combination that a pet owner might desire is available, and new options are being discovered all the time. Some enthusiasts categorize the glider color variations […]

Sugar Glider: What are they and are they right for you?

Deep in the forests of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia another world exists. Amongst the tall boughs of the eucalyptus trees prevalently found in these areas is a tiny airborne wonder. It climbs nimbly from branch to branch, sniffing about with its snout for grubs or any nectar or eucalyptus sap. Suddenly, the long-tailed […]