Essential Basic Cat Grooming Tools

Cats are very clean creatures and groom themselves regularly. They are for the most part easy to litter train as long as you place their litter box away from food and water and human traffic, but there are a number of cat grooming tools you can aqquire relatively inexpensively that can help make your and your cats life a little easier. Cats nails will have to be trimmed every so often. Some cats’ nails grow more than others’ and can be quite sore when attached to your lap! If your pet is registered with a veterinary clinic already and has a regular booster you may be able to get your cat’s nails clipped for free. Cats don’t for the most part need a bath but many will succumb to this procedure if you have the time and patience needed.

If you want to bathe your cat buy a proper species specific cat shampoo and conditioner. These will be safe for your cat’s skin and won’t harm your cat if he ingests any of the product.
You can purchase your own cat clippers to cut your pet’s nails with but this is fraught with danger. If you end up cutting too much off, your cat may bleed profusely. It really is worth getting a veterinarian to attend to your cat’s claws unless you are very confident and take your time. Cat’s won’t stay still for this procedure though and unless your whole family takes part to hold him down, take him to the vet’s instead.

Cats should be brushed regularly even if they have short hair. If your cat swallows a lot of fur while he is grooming himself the fur could get lodged in his stomach and get stuck. This is an emergency and will need a vet to treat it. Buy yourself a specialist cat grooming brush and if you brush him regularly since kitten hood he should get used to it, even like it. This reduces fur fall in the house and keeps your cat healthy. It is also a good bonding tool for you and your cat. The metal bristle brush is a good buy but be sure not to press too hard on your cat’s skin. Be gentle and you will still remove a good lot of dead fur.

An alternative is a mitt or brush made out of rubber. These use a mixture of static and prongs to coax dead fur from your animal. They are quite useful although the static they create can leave fur all over your hand and sleeve too! Flea combs should be avoided as if your cat has fleas then he really should be treated for them with Stronghold or Frontline. Prevention is better than cure and he should receive regular treatments of flea medicine.

If you want your cat to look nice then why not take him to a cat-grooming parlour? These are professional outlets who are experienced in bathing and blow-drying cats. They will also clip his nails. If you don’t have the time to take your cat to a parlour consider using a mobile grooming business who will call at your house.

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