Dwarf Hamster Health Issues

Owning a dwarf hamster as a pet is both fun and challenging. They are very tiny, cute, clean, playful, and innocent-looking rodents that are so nice to have at home.  At most times when we decide to get ourselves a pet, we are so good at ensuring a comfortable home for them, a good supply of food to satisfy their diet, and assembly a fine set of equipments to make their lifestyle relaxed. We do our best to keep them from illnesses, but what do we do when they get sick and we are not aware how it happened or we cannot tell whether they are sick or not?

Dwarf hamsters are fine to place along with other dwarf hamsters because they are sociable, and so it makes one hamster’s illness detrimental to the others for infection may spread. This article will help you distinguish some of the most common diseases seen in dwarf hamsters.

Bite wounds are manifested by some sores, lacerations, and irritated or red areas in the body. When you see that the cheek pouches of your dwarf is swollen and it reacts when you touch them, that may be due to overstuffing in their cheeks so you better consult a veterinarian.  Liquid feces are signs of diarrhea, and ear problems are exhibited by scratching and digging. When you see that your dwarf is sitting in a hunched position and is losing some weight, stomach issues may be the problem. Heatstroke occurs when the dwarf is weak, unresponsive, or appears to be dead. The dwarf will have some breathing difficulties when you observe that it is sneezing or wheezing. You must be on the lookout for some symptoms of injury and trauma.

There are ways to first-aid remedy when faced with the above problems, but when you are not sure what to do, go to your trusted veterinarian immediately.

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