Dos and dont’s when picking up trash with litter picker tools

It is indeed a wonderful experience and a good job for a cause to take active part in ensuring the cleanliness of your neighborhood. While several laws and guidelines prohibit anyone from throwing trash irresponsibly, there are still insensitive people who cannot resist tossing a single junk anywhere when they can simply make a little walk to the nearest trash can on the street; or even when they can just put the small litter on their bags for a little while and throw it away on the garbage can by the time they arrive home. There are also cases when trash is everywhere in a field or stadium at the end of an outdoor concert left by overly excited but careless audience. When you’ve taken part in taking care of the trash that you are not even responsible for, you have proven to yourself that you can do a noble thing even without being paid for it.

There are plenty of litter picker tools that you can use to become a community litter picker. There are the traditional sticks with nails at the bottom to assist you in stabbing trash and then pull it by hand to be tossed at a litter bag. You may also use a tool known to be referred as mechanical grabbing arms that allow you to still pick up trash without causing back strains and direct contact with them by hand. Examples of these are the G4 Trash Gator and 32” EZ Reacher.

When collecting litter, make sure that while you use your litter picker tools, you are still wearing gloves. Also, wear light colored clothing and a pair of strong boots or shoes. Never work on busy roads. Do not attempt to work when you are tired or when it is already dark. Do not handle any sharp objects or lift anything that is too heavy.

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