What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs

What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs? There are very many things that can cause diarrhea in your dog but it is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog away from the causes. The most common way for a dog to get diarrhea is through ingestion. It could come from his dietary needs not […]

How to Keep Your Dog Exercised

There is a simple truth about dogs – an exercised dog is better behaved. It doesn’t matter if you have a working class dog or a toy dog, keeping your pooch exercised will lead to better obedience, better training, and a better relationship between the two of you. After years of experience I know this […]

Picking Out Good Dog Food

Many premium products are on the market today, making good dog food choices an even harder decision. Along with those is a host of brands featuring inferior ingredients. Puppies require different nutrients than adult canines and senior pets have their own nutritional needs. Beyond that, owners will find soft foods, hard kibble and in-between products with various […]

Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs And 10 Exercise Ideas

Dogs need exercise to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body. No matter what breed you might have adequate amounts of exercise are essential for the dogs physical, emotional and mental well being. Different breeds require different levels of exercise so make sure to check with your vet or a dog book to be […]

Dealing with Dog Aggression

The deciding factor in whether a dog is considered “good” or not is their aggression level. A dog that shows aggression on any level is automatically considered a dangerous dog. This is for good reason; after all, dogs are strong creatures with powerful jaw muscles. They can do major damage to their target. If your […]

A Summary of Basic Information about Dog Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Dysplasia is a serious condition that is sometimes neglected by few pet owners. We see some people who do not seem to be bothered at all looking at their pets having difficulty rising and walking; considering it to be just a simple illness that the dog can live by. However, when not treated […]

How to Avoid Bad Obedience Dog Training Classes

The majority of obedience dog training instructors are experienced and compassionate – but some obedience schools use techniques that might not be right for your unique pooch. Every canine has different training needs and needs to be trained with an approach that fits. It may take a few phone calls and observation sessions with the […]

Uses, Benefits And Styles Of Dog Crates – The Complete Guide

A dog crate is metal steel wire or plastic enclosure that comes with a door. Even though some people may regard them as cages, they are not. In truth, they offer tons of benefits for both the dogs and their owners. Crates reflect ancient times before dogs were domesticated and when they roamed free in […]

Military Dogs and Warfare

It’s been a common saying that man’s best friend is his dog, but what many people don’t think of is that dogs are often more than just friends, they are protectors, attackers and rescuers in dire times. For hundreds of years dogs have been used in military operations, wars and search and rescue missions due […]

Enjoying California’s Big Bear with Your Dog

So, you and your furry friend have had it with the Los Angeles hustle and bustle and need to get away. The Santa Ana winds are making life miserably hot — even when you’re not the one sporting a 24/7 fur coat! You’ve read that Big Bear Lake is a mere two-hour drive away and […]

Advice on Dog allergy Symptoms

The most important thing you must know about dog allergy symptoms are they are incredibly similar which makes them tough to tell a part. You will find indicators that you may observe that can help you find out if and just what the problem may be. Human Beings and dogs are similar in regards to […]

Three Traits That Illustrate The Downside To Owning A Yorkshire Terrier

While the Yorkshire terrier is a great dog to own, it does present problems as well.  As with anything else in this life, it has its pros and cons.  The pros far outweigh the cons and with a little effort on your part, most of the bad stuff can be dealt with fairly easily.  It […]

Baytril for Dogs: How Safe is It?

The use of Baytril for dogs is a controversial topic in the world of animal care. People have their own opinions about it and so do the experts. The problem with many of us is that while we are very well informed about the food and medicine that we take in, we are usually at […]

Dachshund Puppies: Facts to Know Before Adopting One

Dachshunds are a popular and well-known dog breed, with their characteristic long bodies, deep chests and short legs. They have been referred to as being “half-a-dog tall and one-and-a-half dogs long”. Dachshunds are playful, devoted, dynamic and small, all of which make adopting Dachshund puppies very desirable. However, you must keep in mind that the […]

What You Need to Know About Beagle Training

Beagle training can be a challenging task, but it would be a shame if you let this fact stop you from adopting a Beagle. It is not a secret that Beagles can be quite stubborn dogs to train, as they have a tendency to get easily distracted by their surroundings. However, Beagle training does not […]

Change Your Mind Set About the Red Nose Pitbull

Although they may look scary and intimidating, just like the other dogs of their kind do, adopting and training a red nose pitbull for a pet could actually turn out to be a rewarding experience. Still, there are quite a few things that you need to know if you want to be sure that you […]

Cyclosporine for Dogs: Uses, Precautions and Side Effects

Cyclosporine is an immunodepressant drug that is used for both humans and animals. In dogs, Cyclosporine is used mostly to treat atopic dermatitis or atopy, which is a type of eczema or a skin condition caused by your dog reacting to allergens. Humans usually react to allergens with sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Dogs, on […]

Blue Pitbulls: Killing Machines or Misunderstood Dogs?

One of the dog breeds that are currently rapidly gaining notoriety are the Blue pitbulls. Despite the name, these types of pitbulls are actually black, white, spotted-any color but actual blue. The Blue pit pull’s origins can actually be traced back to the 1800s, when the Brits, Irish and Scots started dabbling in the creation […]

Choosing the Perfect Dog Brush

In order to adequately groom your dog and get the best results, you need a good dog brush. Grooming your dog is not only good for his health and wellbeing, but also allows you to strengthen your bond and spend quality time together. Consistent grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean, healthy and shiny, cuts down […]

Everything You Need to Know about Pitbull kennels

If you wish to adopt a pet pitbull, then the best place to look for one is at the pitbull kennels. Nowadays, one can easily find pitbull kennels in almost each and every city. The reasons to adopt a pet from these kennels are many and varied. The most important reason is that the dogs […]

Yorkie Poo Puppies: Cuddly Pets with Beautiful Coats

If you would like to have a small, cute, affectionate, confident yet sensitive dog for a pet or  companion, then you might want to consider looking at Yorkie Poo puppies. As their name suggests, these small dogs are hybrids of  the Yorkshire terrier and the Poodle. The parents of the Yorkie poo may be purebred […]

A Simple Guide to Poodle Training

Poodles were originally bred for retrieval, that is, finding and bringing birds or small animals that had been brought down by their owners, without eating or mauling the dead animals or birds. Later on, during the 18th century, the miniature or toy Poodles were bred, raising the Poodle’s popularity, especially in royal circles. Today’s Poodles […]

An Essential Lesson in Labrador Training

Contrary to popular belief Labrador training is not difficult; you just have to know what you are doing. The Lab is one of the oldest recognized dog breeds. It originated in Newfoundland, where it was used by fishermen to retrieve nets and fish, and still loves to swim to this day. Labradors are known for […]

Dog Nappies: A Simple Solution to A Difficult Problem

Have you ever noticed your pet wetting their bed or piddling on the floor? This could be a sign of incontinence, especially if your dog is housebroken and toilet trained. Incontinence is the inability of your pet to control his bladder or bowel. There are three types of incontinence: Urinary incontinence, where a dog has […]

Blue Buffalo Dog Food: The Facts

Blue Buffalo dog food is owned and manufactured by The Blue Buffalo Company based in Wilton, Connecticut. It is a new brand of dog food that is taking the nation’s pet owners by storm, and is thought to be the healthiest and most nutritional dog food available on the market. Blue Buffalo dog food is […]

Dog Food Secrets You Need to Know

If you love your pet you will take care of him, worry about him and do what is best for him at all times. Your dog is your pet but he is also a part of your family and he needs the best care that you can give him. So it is time to discover […]

Why You Should Consider A Barrel Dog House for Your Furry Friend

Looking for a dog house? If you want a great dog house that is cozy yet spacious, well built and unique you should try a barrel dog house. They look great, keep the dog off of the ground especially in the winter weather, take up less room then a square dog house and they are […]

Dog Guards for Cars: A Safe Way to Travel For You and Your Dog

Thousands of dogs every year go unrestrained in their owners’ cars and a good number will cause an accident. Either by jumping from seat to seat, barking out the window, falling when the driver turns a corner or some other behavior, normal for the dog , but distracting to the driver. An un-harnessed dog can be […]

How to Go About Finding Teacup Puppies for Sale

The very smallest of puppies are called toy dogs or teacup puppies. These dogs are highly sought after by many pet owners because of their miniscule size and cute physical appearance. Many breeders are in turn catering to the raised demand for these small dogs and are offering Teacup Puppies for sale all over the […]

Why Aggressive Dog Training May be Necessary for Your Pet

Some dogs are born with aggressive tendencies that are characteristic of their breeds. Others are encouraged or not discouraged to exhibit aggressive tendencies. It is important to train your dog as early as from puppyhood, that aggression is discouraged. If you realize that your dog has a tendency to snarl, growl, or bite, you may […]

The Teacup Chihuahua: An American Myth

History of the Chihuahua The Chihuahua was first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1904, having been discovered in the Chihuahua state, in Mexico, bordering Texas and New Mexico. Chihuahuas are said have to come from the ancient Techichi dogs of the Toltec civilization near Mexico City. When the Aztecs conquered the Toltecs, they […]

Facts You Need To Know Before Getting Your Own Yorkshire Toy Terrier

The Yorkshire toy terrier or teacup Yorkshire is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.  A ‘teacup’ dog of any breed is not a different breed; it is only a dog whose growth has been specifically restrained in order to appeal to the whims of people to whom smaller is cuter. Any dog that weighs less […]

Using Herbal Extracts To Treat Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a quite common disease just like common cold. Whether it’s human or pets, all are most likely to get infected by airborne diseases at some point of life. So this is of no exception. But simply ignoring it is not a good idea anyway. This short article reveals some key aspects regarding […]

Does Your Dog Have a Dog Food Allergy?

(Katelyn Lee) Everyone knows someone that is allergic to something. You may even have an allergy yourself, but did you know your dog can have allergies, too? The most common ingredients in pet food dogs are allergic to are proteins, corn, and additives. Allergies can occur even if your pet has been on the same […]

Four Ways to Make Christmas Dog Collars

(Katelyn Lee) You have a special outfit for Christmas, why shouldn’t your dog? Your local pet store has lots of Christmas-themed outfits for your dog, but maybe you just want a simple, festive collar. Luckily, they are easy and relatively inexpensive to make!                 The Ruffled Jester Collar           What you need: Red and green […]

Waterproof Dog Beds for Your Furry Friends

Aside from being man’s best friend, dogs give us insurmountable joy and happiness.  For pet lovers, making sure that their dogs are always comfortable is very important.  Dogs get easily stressed out by their day-to-day life, just like we do.  It is therefore important that you let your dog get enough rest. This leads to […]

Picking the Top Dog Insurance

Just several years ago, pet insurance was not something many pet owners considered a priority for their pets. The expensive overall payments they would have had to shell out over the lifetimes of their pets when measured against the low probability of the same pets actually ever needing the insurance  was enough to give most […]

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A dog ear infection can be an incredibly irritating condition for your pet. If not addressed right away, this type of infection can lead to further complications, and could even spread to other areas on the dog’s face. This could cost your pet his health, and you, many bills from the vet.  At the first […]

Dog Barking Control: How Can You Stop Your Dog’s Incessant Barking?

Because it is in their dogs’ natures, pet owners may find it unnecessary to have their pets undergo dog barking control. Dogs bark to alert or warn their owners, especially when they sense the presence of suspicious strangers. The problem arises when they bark even when unnecessary. In order for one to learn to control […]

Why Dog Probiotics are Essential to Your Dog’s Health

Dogs, just like every other animal, are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses and worms, that cause various illnesses like colds and digestive disorders.  Dog owners give their pets different vitamins and supplements to boost their health.  For people who love dogs, ensuring their pets’ wellness is highly essential.  But aside from vitamins and supplements, […]

Tips on German Shepherd Training

German Shepherds are by nature aggressive and dominant.  They belong to the group of Alpha Dogs.  They are stubborn and very smart.  Still, an alpha dog can be as sweet, affectionate  and loving as any other kind of dog.  They can be very submissive and gentle and most of all- they can be the most […]

Everything You Need to Know About Italian Greyhound Puppies

If you have just brought home an Italian greyhound puppy, and are finding it difficult to tame and housetrain it, this information will help.   Introduction The Italian greyhound is an ancient breed, beloved by not only the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, but by Roman aristocrats as well. Italian greyhounds were often depicted in old […]

The Benefits of Puppy Pens

There is seldom anything more delightful than the excitement of bringing home a new puppy. However, once in your home, the reality sets in.  Puppies are playful and curious most of the time.  They are still learning new things so you should expect that owning a puppy can get a little nerve-racking. Puppies do not […]

No Surprise With Shock Collars For Dogs

More than ever, pet owners consider furry friends to be family members and are therefore reluctant to use training devices such as shock collars for dogs when pets misbehave. While humans may consider their pets to be equals, dogs actually need hierarchy and sustained, consistent discipline to be happy and feel a part of the […]

Dog Grooming Equipment – The Basics That You Should Start With

There are many different dog grooming products out there. If you go to a store or online, for example to Amazon, there are literally hundreds of choices. What do you need to start with? First of all you need to determine whether you have a breed that needs a specialist item. Long haired dogs will […]

Treatment for Canine Arthritis

Canine arthritis is a common degenerative disease that often occurs in dogs older than seven years old. While it is most common in older dogs, canine arthritis can also affect young dogs as well. Arthritis is a disease that can keep the dog from moving and causes aches and pains in the dog’s joints. The […]

The Yorkie Poo is a Spunky Little Fellow

The Yorkie Poo is a small dog that is bred from parents of two pure breeds that breed well together. The two parent breeds are the Yorkshire terrier and the poodle. The smaller toy or miniature poodle is generally preferred. The black and brown colors of the Yorkshire terrier often dominate the colors of the […]

Benefits of Using Tunnels for Dogs

Dog training is essential for every dog and every dog owner. It is a time of excitement and lots of thrills, bringing them together and building a stronger connection, but is also implies some hardships and a lot of time and patience to be spent. Teaching your dog to use an agility tunnel is a […]

What are the Best Puppy Adoption Locators Online?

Thanks to the online environment, locating the exact breed and age of puppy online is no more difficult than shopping for most other items on the web.  Additionally, there are many of the same problems with puppy adoption online as there is with online shopping, disreputable sellers and scams, for instances, but by sticking with […]

Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

One of the most popular dog treats on the market today are Bully Sticks. Also know as beef pizzles, pizzles, and pizzles sticks, these all; natural dog treats have caused a debate amongst pet owners. While these pet treats are an all natural snack, many people are still wondering if bully sticks are good for […]

Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Barking can become a nuisance if not taken care of for both you and your neighborhood. You may not be particularly annoyed when your dog barks but I can guarantee you that at least one of your close neighbors will be. This is especially true if you live in an apartment building. Just like you […]

Make Your Own Chihuahua Clothes

There is certainly no shortage of clothing options for small dogs and Chihuahuas. But have you thought about making your own? For those with a little know how or creative flair, or even just wanting to give something new a go, this could be a great project. Making clothes for your pet can really help […]

Large Dog Cages for Bigger Dogs

Dog owners that have just recently acquired their pet can greatly benefit from using a dog cage. These are available in varying dimensions; some are created for teacup dogs, while others are created for Great Danes and other big dogs. There are also cages created for medium-sized dogs, and these cages are created using materials […]

5 Amazing Positive Dog Training Tips!

No matter how long a person has been a pet owner, there are always new dog training tips to pick up along the way. The learning process is never over for canine or human – and a refresher course could never hurt, either! 1. Be Prepared with Rewards What is your loveable companion’s favorite thing […]

What To Expect From New Puppies

For a new dog owner, there is nothing more exciting and more frustrating than a puppy’s first days in the house. No matter where you look or go, your new puppy is getting into everything and making messes where you thought it was impossible to make a mess. Some dog owners just chalk up this […]

How To Identify Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis in dogs, or canine arthritis, is one of the most common causes of chronic pain in dogs. It affects one in every five adult dogs in the United States and is one of the most frequently treated canine conditions. In order to avoid possible injuries caused by arthritis in dogs, you need to observe […]

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Now a days many of the dog owners are troubled due to separation anxiety in dogs. If you are noticing unusual behavior in your dog, there are chances that it is suffering from separation anxiety. However, there is nothing to worry. With proper medication and training it can be treated easily. So, at this stage […]

Common Problems People Have With Dogs

Dogs can be such a joy to have in your life. They are great companions, exercise partners and security systems. However, with all the goodness they bring to life, they can also bring problems. When bringing home a new puppy, people often don’t think about how much time and money is involved with raising a […]

How to Provide a Comfortable Outdoor Living for Your Dog

Even though they protect us from vermin and varmints and love us no matter what, pets can also force us into a more intense relationship with our cleaning equipment than we’re willing to commit to. But there are a number of ways to keep that relationship platonic. If Benji and Fluffy are a part of […]

Saving a Dog, Saving a Life

In today’s society, there are many animals that are homeless because their owners have already discarded them. Due to this, they often fall victim to accidents or sicknesses that could take away their life if they are not treated immediately. That is why there are many organizations and groups out there that are doing their […]

My Wallet Your Chew Toy

Having raised numerous litters of pups, nothing can be more challenging than aggressive chewers. Many will say that aggressive chewing varies with breed, nothing could be further from the truth. As pups all breeds learn this skill, it is a part of being a dog. The problem arises when the chewing becomes a constant habit, […]

Dog Boots Can Help Protect Your Dog From The Cold

Don’t be fooled into thinking that dog booties are are just for fashion purposes. Sure there are plenty of fashionable dog boots on the market that are purely for making your dog look cool and trendy, but there are plenty more that are designed to actually protect your dog’s paws. During cold weather, particulary when […]

Are Dog Gates Cruel?

If you are expecting a new pet, perhaps because your current dog or cat is pregnant then you owe it to yourself and the animals to make a few changes before the new arrival. It is essential to set limits on your pets’ territory, especially while you are in the process of training the new […]

About Biodegradable Poop Bags

With the concern these days about the environment, even pet supply manufacturers are going green and eco-friendly. Biodegradable poop bags in these modern times are now the norm for dog lovers and other pet enthusiasts. They can decompose more easily than their ordinary plastic bags, making them not only a statement to green living, but […]

Wicker dog baskets

Wicker dog baskets are most probably the most beautiful and durable baskets around. They are traditionally handwoven basket, which can be made up of different materials. They look strong and add a traditional touch to any room. With a cosy cushion or mattress added to these baskets, they can provide a comfortable and warm bed […]

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Dog Stay Fit and Healthy: Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Obesity hit canines! Humans should help their dogs to live healthy and in good shape always. Like us, dogs become obese because of too much food intake and too little work out. Also, there are many health problems associated with this condition. If your dog is obese, its lungs can’t function properly. The fat will […]

What To Look For When Your Dog Is Itching But There Are No Fleas

Have you ever seen your dog itching and scratching relentlessly? Your first thought was probably that your dog has fleas. And it very well could be, since fleas are the most common reason dogs get itchy. But it definitely isn’t the only reason your dog scratches. Other common reasons for your dog itching constantly are […]

How to Get Cheap Yet Quality Services for your Dog

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. This is not a cliché but a fact which everyone is aware of. If you are planning to get an animal for a pet, then consider getting yourself a dog. Why? Because they are smart and has a level of IQ which can be compared to […]

Protect your home from Muddy Paws in the Winter

Many families own dogs and throughout most of the year they can be a pleasure to own. Come the winter months though your four legged friend can become rather frustrating by making the task of keeping the house clean ten times harder. There are however certain measures that can be taken that will make your […]

Let Me Tell You About Taste of the Wild Coupons

One way that I keep up with the ever changing world is by writing current event articles. It gives me the chance to find out about things that is usually not revealed to other people. Writing about things that are happening right now makes it easy to understand what’s gong on with the world. Because […]

Dog Treat Recipes – What They Contain Is What Matters Most

If this article has caught your attention, perhaps, you are searching for effective dog treat recipes. Although there are a number of dog treat recipes on offer online, no two recipes are the same. However, are you aware of which ingredients are beneficial to your canine pets and which can be hazardous to them? Well, […]

Keeping Dogs Free Of Heartworms

There is no doubt that Heartgard Plus for Dogs is by far one of the most popular of  all the heartworm medications currently available. And now that we can buy cheap Heartgard online the buying process is easier than it has ever been. But many people are still unsure about just whether or not they […]

Training Akita Puppies

Akita puppies are the cutest, most adorable, bear-like dogs you can find. They are soft, regal and smart. That said, training Akita puppies is easier than training adult dogs. They wont stay this small forever, so it’s important to take advantage of their naivete and innocence (not to mention their lack of strength). While they’ll […]

Do You Need to Send Your Dog to Dog School?

It seems like almost every week that there is something on the news about a dog attacking somebody. It’s a sad reality that many people people who own dogs simply never bother to train them. The truth is all dogs should receive some training and this is especially true for big dogs. If you have […]

Cod Liver Oil For Your Best Friend

Not the one you met in 6th grade, or who was matron at your wedding, but the one whose day is made when you come home, who never gets tired of listening to your stories, and who may have a little slobbering problem and a fixation on the local fire hydrant. How does cod liver […]

Potty Patch – House Training Aid for Dogs

Potty Patch is the perfect restroom for your pets. The owners often find their favorite exotic and fancy carpets, couches and floors messed up by spots and stains and honestly, it makes harder to live with the pets. But the potty pads presented by the American Kennel Club helps you in keeping your home clean […]

Using Dog Clippers to Help Reduce Grooming Costs

There are two major expenses associated with dog owners: a sturdy plastic dog kennel and routine grooming fees. Finding the right type of kennel to safely contain your pet when you must run into town for short periods can be an unavoidable expense. However, grooming fees can become less expensive. Would you like to know […]

Advantages of using the HALTI dog collar

The HALTI dog collar was created by a renowned British zoologist and animal behavior therapist who has committed himself to the study of animals’ behaviors, the protection of their rights, the invention of products that save the lives of animals as well as enhance knowledge and develop skills of their owners, and most of all, […]

HALTI dog collar instructions on fitting

The use of the HALTI dog collar demands a lot of patience and understanding. Using it as not suggested by The Company of Animals (the company that produces and markets the HALTI) may hamper you into seeing the real purpose for which it was created. Understanding the behaviors of dogs in having it get used […]

Techniques to apply in getting your pet dog accustomed to the HALTI dog collar

The HALTI dog collar is a revolutionary device that belongs to the category of training collars which works to gently apply control over a dog’s head to keep it from pulling away from its owner when taken out for a walk; it is also used to train a dog into getting adapted to certain behaviors […]

HALTI dog collar instructions for use

The HALTI dog collar is a popular choice among dog owners who wish to train their dogs learn new tricks as well as those who are having challenges with their problem dogs. It assists in leash training and also guides the owner in enhancing his control over his dog. It looks like a halter for […]

HALTI dog collar creator

The most popular head halter ever invented is that of the HALTI head collar, designed by a British animal behaviorist and psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford. It had made waves; and the safety, security, and convenience it provides both to dog and its owner had earned the product its patent privileges. It is available in the […]

HALTI dog collar sizing

Head collars for dogs are important accessories to help identify your pet dog as well as in the control of their behavior. They are the most popular accessories that aid in directing and teaching dogs to get used to certain behaviors and commands. Dogs have been great players in the history of mankind. As years […]

HALTI Dog Collar – Purpose, Inventor, and Sizing

Dog collars are used for many purposes. It may be used for control, identification, or fashion. They are used to establish control over a pet dog when a harness is attached to it. They are uses for identification as in the case of registered dogs or those undergoing some medical attention. Certain pet lovers have […]

Some facts about Ivermectin for dogs

Dogs are very prone to suffer from diseases caused by parasitic mites and intestinal worms. It is always best to exercise preventive measures as early as possible when the dogs’ age allows it rather than be kept unaware of the potential occurrence of these diseases and eventually shell out lots of money for the dog’s […]

Dosage of Ivermectin for dogs

Ivermectin is a compound extracted from the soil in a golf course in Japan as part of a routine in discovering naturally existing soil organisms around 1974. The organism for which Ivermectin was synthesized from an active compound is called Streptomyces avermectinius. Its active compound is avermectin identified in 1975. In 1981, due to its […]

Ivermectin for dog mange

Domesticated dogs, when not carefully taken care of, will easily transmit diseases or infection for a variety of reasons. One common condition is mange where dogs suffer from a contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mites. Mite infestation occurs for several reasons and although the best thing to keep your dogs from suffering such disease […]

Ivermectin for dogs’ dosage and how it is given

Ivermectin is the drug of choice in the parasitic infections of dogs caused by parasitic mites and intestinal worms. It works to paralyze the nervous system of the parasites by blocking its muscle activity. It is available in many forms: pills, chewable tablets, liquid, and injection. The use if Ivermectin for dogs is largely recommended […]

Ivermectin for dogs in several infections

The most common illnesses found among dogs are infections caused by intestinal worms and parasitic mites. When preventive measures are not undertaken, these diseases may cause a lot of money for treatment. Here is a summary of those diseases that need immediate attention to keep dogs form harm with their corresponding symptoms. Heartworms. They are […]

Ivermectin for dog mange

Ivermectin is the drug used for the treatment of many medical conditions in dogs such as heartworm infection, mange and ear mites. Parasites are common problems in dogs, for which three of the most common parasites are heartworms, roundworms and hookworms. Heartworms can be fatal to your dogs. They are carried by mosquitoes. When one […]

Ivermectin for dogs: history, indications, side effects, and related causes of infestations

In 1974, a routine screening test of naturally occurring soil organisms took place at a golf course in Japan. An organism known today as Streptomyces avermectinius was discovered and it has an active compound called avermectin that was identified in 1975. From that active compound, ivermectin was synthesized. Later on, researches have proven its potential […]

Reduce Grooming Costs with Dog Clippers

Dog kennels and monthly grooming fees are two large expenses that a pet owner spends for. When owners are going to be out of the house for some time, it is important for their pet to have a safe place to keep out of trouble. When pet owners look into purchasing wooden dog kennels it’s […]

Choosing the Most Stylish and Trendy Chihuahua Clothes

Chihuahuas are perhaps the most easy to dress up not because they are cute but because they do not seem to mind being put on some Chihuahua clothes. This behavior may be explained by their body structure. Their small body frame and less fur skin make them receptive and sensitive even to the slightest gust […]

Making Healthy Dog Treats for Your Dog

Making sure you have healthy dog treats that will meet your dogs nutritional needs while still being a snack he can enjoy is very important. Many people make their own dog treats recipes with the nutritional advice of their veterinarian and a little creativity. Making your own food or treats for your dog is a […]

Information about Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training is now common in many places. In many homesteads, most of these dogs are bought with the aim of providing security to the owners especially at night. However, some of these dogs are however untrained simply because of the fact that the owners don’t really see the need of them being trained […]

Allergy Treatments for Dogs

Every time you go out of your house, you are bombarded with different substances that sometime cause your body to react in a funny way. Surely you have experienced being in contact with a certain plant or animal, and you suddenly had rashes on your skin, your nose suddenly became itchy or you suddenly had […]

Why Use a Plastic Dog Kennel?

In the past when dogs still ran wild they used to try and find a den to spend their nights.  The den was generally an enclosed space with only one entrance which could be guarded by one of the pack.  This way the rest of the dogs felt secure and knew that they couldn’t be […]

Saving Money On Your Dog Food

Times are tough, people are looking to save as much money as possible. There are certain expenses which are unavoidable, such as, rent or mortgage and gasoline or your car insurance. On the other hand there are many expenses that can be controlled and lowered. Some examples would be the electric bill, worthless spending habits […]

Frontline Flea Treatment Methods For Dogs

It is uncomplicated for human beings to protect themselves from getting flea infestation. They can easily buy flea remedies in stores and use it for themselves. Though, it is another situation for animals. These creatures cannot eradicate the fleas by themselves. The fleas afflict any kind of animal. If you are raising a pet inside […]

How to Pay Less for Your Dog’s Heartworm Pills

We all want to find ways to save money.  However we also want the very best for our pets, which can mean we inadvertently spend more than we might on their health-care.  One regular medicine that most dog owners now use are heartworm pills, so it makes sense to find a way to pay less […]