Dog Treat Recipes – What They Contain Is What Matters Most

If this article has caught your attention, perhaps, you are searching for effective dog treat recipes. Although there are a number of dog treat recipes on offer online, no two recipes are the same. However, are you aware of which ingredients are beneficial to your canine pets and which can be hazardous to them? Well, here’s what you should know.

Besides being harmless, peanut butter is something that most dogs relish, but macadamia nuts, raisins and chocolate, which some recipes feature, can prove harmful.

If you are on the lookout for dog treats recipes, make sure to avoid those that include standard dairy butter and other unhealthful constituents. As an experienced dog owner, believe me when I say that your pet will almost certainly fail to detect the absence of butter or lard in the treats you feed them. You can be sure they will be just as contented with other healthier foods … yes, they will indeed.

Apart from peanut butter, dogs are also fond of all types of meats and cheese. You may provide them with foods that contain soya flour, whole wheat cereals, or even no flour-based foods, if you so choose. Baked chicken liver is another simple, healthy food that you may feed your pet. And if you wish to celebrate a special occasion with a little extravagance, you may even treat him or her to cup cakes, complete with candles and frosting.

When it comes to dog treats, variety is the most important factor. By taking a simple dog treat recipe and fortifying it with a load of added healthy ingredients, your pet will not only enjoy it, but feel and look better, too.

One of my favorite add-ons is ‘flax seeds’. These seeds are usually available in large supermarkets, reputable pet stores, or retailers that sell wholesome pet foods. They can be purchased in ground (powder) form, and by adding just a teaspoonful or more to a treat, you will create a rich, nutty flavor. What’s more, this will give your pet’s skin and coat a healthy shine. Dog treats recipes which include flax seeds also help to strengthen the brain, heart and central nervous system of dogs. Moreover, they also act as preservatives for dog treats … that’s the kind of potency and multiple benefits these seeds offer.

Dog treat recipes make ideal gifts for all dog lovers, not to mention how enjoyable they are to their canine pets.

Well, what’s keeping you back? Go ahead; try out some healthy, new dog treats recipes … Today?

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