Dog Nappies: A Simple Solution to A Difficult Problem

Have you ever noticed your pet wetting their bed or piddling on the floor? This could be a sign of incontinence, especially if your dog is housebroken and toilet trained. Incontinence is the inability of your pet to control his bladder or bowel. There are three types of incontinence: Urinary incontinence, where a dog has partial or full loss of control over its bladder; Faecal incontinence, where the dog has partial or full loss of control over its bowels, and Double incontinence, where both the bowel and bladder are both affected.

Imagine if your dog suddenly developed this problem. Your home furnishings would suffer, there would be the constant odor of pet urine and feces. Worst of all, you could never allow your dog on the couch, and would be scared to hold him in case he suddenly lost control of his bowels or bladder. Before, the only viable solutions were to either tolerate it and constantly run after your pet, cleaning up, or even more terrible, have your pet put down.

Nowadays, thanks to the efforts of quite a few enterprising companies, we have a simple, effective solution- dog nappies. Dog nappies are just like baby nappies. You can use them while toilet training your puppy, or for dogs that have proved resistant to toilet training, or for dogs that have developed incontinence.

Reasons your dog may have developed incontinence

  • Spaying- this operation carries a risk of urinary incontinence with it.
  • Delivering puppies- female dogs might experience incontinence as a result of giving birth to many litters, due to weakened muscles.
  • Age- with age bodily-function control becomes weaker.
  • Bladder dystonia-this is a bladder dysfunction, where the muscles spasm at odd times.
  • Infection- kidney infections can cause urinary incontinence.
  • Territorial scent marking
  • Simple excitement can cause some dogs to temporarily loose control over their bladder.

Types of Dog Nappies

There are 2 main classes of dog nappies.

Washable Dog Nappies

This type of dog nappies consist of a washable waterproof material, which may be used by itself, or together with an absorbent liner.

Disposable Dog Nappies

These are no-fuss disposable nappies, specially designed for one-time use only, made to fit your dog comfortably. For those who prefer eco-friendly dog nappies, there are disposable ones that are biodegradable.

There are dog nappies for urinary, faecal and double incontinence. They come with elasticized waists, tail-holes and convenient adhesive or Velcro fastenings. There are even dog suspenders produced by some companies, to make sure your pet does not wriggle out of his diaper.

There are dog nappies specially made for male dogs with urinary incontinence. They wrap around your dog’s lower abdomen, and enclose the penile area, thereby allowing urine to collect in the diaper.

For dogs that suffer from faecal incontinence, there are dog diapers that cover the anal area, with a hole made specially for the tail, that can be tightened with a drawstring, so that it is leak-proof.

If your pet suffers from double incontinence, there are combination dog nappies designed for him as well. These cover the anal area, drawstring and tail-hole included, of course, and are longer than usual in front, so that everything is safely contained.

Dog nappies do not have to be ugly or unflattering. For those who are fashion-conscious, there are designer dog nappies in various colors, patterns and designs, allowing your dog to be trendy and dry at the same time. Some companies manufacture combination dog nappies and skirts, others manufacture dog nappies with suspenders, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.


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