Dog Guards for Cars: A Safe Way to Travel For You and Your Dog

Thousands of dogs every year go unrestrained in their owners’ cars and a good number will cause an accident. Either by jumping from seat to seat, barking out the window, falling when the driver turns a corner or some other behavior, normal for the dog , but distracting to the driver. An un-harnessed dog can be a projectile when an accident occurs. His body hitting someone or crashing through a window will cause injury to both himself and/or another passenger. Dogs are killed all the time while their owners are safely strapped into their seats. Responsible and loving drivers will make sure their animal is just as safe as they are in a moving vehicle. They will also remember that when they make their pet a part of the family they become responsible for their care and safety at all times.

There are many options for making sure your pet is safe in a car. One of the best and easiest ways is to look for a dog guard to install in your car. This is a type of guard that is put between the dog and the seat in front of him, keeping the dog contained. They are made with many materials including mesh which is easy to handle and to install and is claw resistant as well. Some are made with heavy gauge tubing that can keep your animal in the cargo section of the car.

There are also auto car blockers that make it so the dog cannot pass through to the passenger section,in between two seats. The choices are endless and every dog owner will have to look over all the different styles and make an informed decision on what type would be best for them and their dog. Some people think that a normal seat-belt is enough to secure their pet for a drive. Seat-belts are not designed for dogs, however. They are uncomfortable and may go as far as to cause internal damage or strangulation to your pet, in case of sudden braking, when he is thrown forward against the seat-belt.

The search for the best dog guards for cars is relatively simple. Most pet stores are now carrying them and they are all over the internet as soon as you type in a few keywords, looking for them. It is the choice, rather than the finding that will be difficult to decide on, because dog guards for cars come in every shape, style and size and they all claim to be the best. Most websites have a place for the customer to write a comment on a product they buy and many people respond honestly.

You can also check out sites that do consumer research on products and see if there is a review for dog guards there. Word of mouth, searching the internet and going to a store to see what they have to offer for is your best bet. It will take time, it will cost a small amount but it will save your dog’s life in the event of an accident. It may also save your life because with a dog guard you can concentrate on your driving and not on what your dog is doing. When deciding between dog guards for cars, choose the one that is the perfect fit for your pet. Having one that is the wrong fit is almost as bad as not having a dog guard at all.


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