Dog Food Secrets You Need to Know

If you love your pet you will take care of him, worry about him and do what is best for him at all times. Your dog is your pet but he is also a part of your family and he needs the best care that you can give him. So it is time to discover some Dog Food Secrets and get information that will help you make your pet fitter and healthier.

Poor nutrition is a major concern when it comes to the health of your dog. His system is designed for a particular type diet that fuels his body and makes his bones strong. Human food is not made for your dog’s system and it can actually end up hurting him. Foods which contain elements like theobromine that are toxic to dogs, for example onions, salty foods, canned human foods, chocolate, chili, grapes, raisins and so on can be extremely harmful and may even cause death.

The healthiest way to feed your dog would be to make him home cooked meals that are easily digested or commercial dog foods that are safe and of good quality. You will be able to judge the quality of the dog food by the ingredients. The first ingredient is a clue to the contents of the dog food, if the first ingredient is animal meat , you should look closer. The type of meat should be specified. As well, dogs were not meant to eat corn or grain. Issues like bloating, shedding and bad odor are caused by dogs being fed grain that they cannot process well.  If the label says meat by-products you need to put it back on the shelf and keep looking. Meat by-products include hair, hooves, skin, horns, feathers and other animal parts, none of which are good for your dog.

Commercial dog foods that are filled with preservatives are also harmful for a dog.  The preservatives affect your dog’s kidneys and many dogs die every year before their owners even understand what they are feeding their dogs could be behind it. Many dog foods contain deadly chemicals that have been banned in human food because they have caused cancers, liver problems, major organ failure and more. Manufacturers have to list preservatives if they have added them, but if the preservatives have already gone into the meat before they receive it then they do not feel it is their responsibility and they can list “Preservative free” on their labels, which is a lie. There are some dog foods that actually have sodium pentobarbital residue, euthanized animals including dogs and cats, plastic bags, dog collars, tags and other things you would be surprised to know about.

Your dog deserves so much better than this, he deserves not to be eating toxic, harmful animal products that will shorten his life. He deserves healthy, well balanced, nutritious dog foods or homemade foods that will improve his overall good health and life. Your pet is dependent on your for all his needs. He is also loyal and trustworthy and it is your responsibility to make sure he receives the best care, including food that is not slowly killing him.





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