Do’s and Don’ts When Your Cat is Giving Birth

There are lots of cat owners in this planet. Most cat owners live in the United States. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering what to do when your cat is having kittens. Pregnant cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. They need to be properly cared so that they will be able to give birth to wonderful and healthy babies in the future.

If you are suspecting that your cat is pregnant, you may check certain symptoms you can consider to know if your cat is really pregnant. Look the mid section of your cat’s stomach. If it appears to be rounder than the usual, your cat might be having babies. Also check if her nipples are becoming more prominent. You can also notice a change in your cat’s behavior whenever she is pregnant. If you already proved that she is pregnant, give her an extra care until she gives birth to kittens. If your pregnant cat has not been vaccinated yet, do not vaccinate her during her period.

Mother cats usually nest in a specific area during the last week of their pregnancy. If you notice this, clear up the place and clean it also. It would be good and beneficial for you later on if you will clean the place where your cat will deliver her babies. One helpful tip you can do is to put soft pads and blankets on that place. These things will surely add comfort to mommy cat. You can also help your cat select a good place. Make sure that you will choose an area where your cat can’t be disturbed by people or any other animals.

Keep your children away before and after the cat’s delivery. Pregnant cats are very sensitive and can be very “animalistic” in attitude. Visit a vet to ask more things about what to do when your cat is having kittens.

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