Different Types Of Sugar Glider Cage Sets

Sugar glider cage sets are basically adorable items that comprise of hammocks, pouches, blankets made of different types of fabrics and fleece. The sets are either made using varying colored fabrics.  These sets are used in the interiors of the cage in which the nocturnal animal ‘sugar glider’ are housed. The addition of these sets not only provides an attractive look but also aid to keep the animals cozy and warm.

Types of cage sets:

8 piece – This eight piece cotton set designed with images of baby monkeys is an ideal gift item. It comes in pink colored fleece and comprises of 2 blankets, hammocks, fringed bridge and vine, bonding pouch with detachable strap etc.

7 piece starter – This variety feature paw prints consists of squared hammock, bag, fleece vines, blanket, parachute swing, zipper bond bag etc. The whole set can be custom made to suit every preference. The product helps to keep a single or colony of the animal babies safe and warm.

Travel – This is an elegant looking one for the nocturnal creature. It is perfect for travelling and other outing purposes. This one features a chain toy, pouch, and shaggy vine. Each and every piece of it can be suspended in by using lanyard hooks.

Small size with hooks – These are ready to use, that can be directly placed in a cage. This variety includes bonding zipped pouch with screen window, pouch with boxed corners, tunnel, full size and corner hammocks, warm blankets and a single bridge for the critter to play.

Red and blue– This offers a unique and appealing look. This is a huge one designed using a blend of red and blue cotton fabric. This comprises of a bridge, tunnel, hammocks, blankets, climbing rope, corner shelves etc. The inclusion of this variety gives a feeling of spaciousness to the cage

With a range of products available, it would be ideal to purchase sugar glider cage sets that make sugar gliders comfortable and safe.

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