Cleaning Your Cat Kennel

Keeping your cat indoors is one way to prevent it from contacting diseases but you
may be causing more harm than good if you do not keep your indoor environment
clean for your cat. Make sure you protect your cat from diseases by giving them a
good diet and also a clean environment.

Cat kennels are one of the areas that should be kept clean so as to keep your cat
from diseases. You can even use antibiotics to clean the cat kennels if you feel
that cleaning the natural way will not offer much help. You should feed your cat
especially on meat so as to give the cat a good immune system. In case you are doing
all the above and your cat still falls ill, be sure to call a veterinarian. However, just by
giving your cat the proper kind of diet you get to avoid a lot of diseases both for you
and the cat.

Avoid feeding your cat on sugary foods like chocolate since this may cause kidney
problems that may cost you a good fortune to treat later in life. Also, avoid dropping
sweet wrappers carelessly on the floor since the cat may find them attractive to eat
causing great harm to the intestines. If your cat makes any of these mistakes, contact
a veterinarian immediately.

Avoid feeding your cat mainly on dry food because cats just like human beings need
water and so the higher the water content in the cat’s food, the better. Canned food
has been preferred for domesticated cats because they contain the much needed
protein that is essential in a cat’s diet. Too many carbohydrates may lead to the cat
being overweight. Canned food also is easy for the cat to digest since the food has
been refined. Make sure that the cat kennels are kept in a quiet place far from noise
and fire.

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