Choosing The Right Sugar Glider Pouches

There is one animal that not many people would consider of keeping as pet – the sugar glider. It is a small nocturnal creature and looks like a squirrel. Unlike dogs and cats, sugar glider requires care to ensure it is kept healthy. Being an exotic pet, they are not widely accepted in some countries. They tend to cling close to their owners and are often carried in a bonding or pocket pouch.

For a first timer, looking for the right sugar pouch for your cute pet can be quite difficult and troublesome if you do not know what to look for. Keep in mind that sugar gliders love to sleep and rest dark and soft pads. If possible, avoid buying pouches that are bright in color such as yellow or white. Instead go for dark ones like brown, black, grey or blue.

Apart from color, the fabrics used to make the sugar glider pouches are important as well. This is because they have curvy and sharp nails. If weak fabrics were used for the pouches, it could create holes on the surfaces as they climb up the pouches.

When their nails gets stuck in their own pouch, they will get stressed out and injure their own limbs. In some cases, these marsupial animals will mutilate themselves because of this. If you have doubts on which pouch to buy, it is recommended that you seek some advices from a veterinarian. As a rule of thumb, opt for pouches that are easily washable by hand or machine and avoid using the dryer as it could weaken the fabrics.

With the use of these pouches, your pet glider will get familiar with your scent and make them to bond with you more. It takes a lot of effort and time to get a glider to be tamed, but if you are willing, the view of it staying close to you without running away can be satisfying and rewarding.

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