Choosing the Most Stylish and Trendy Chihuahua Clothes

Chihuahuas are perhaps the most easy to dress up not because they are cute but because they do not seem to mind being put on some Chihuahua clothes. This behavior may be explained by their body structure. Their small body frame and less fur skin make them receptive and sensitive even to the slightest gust of cold wind. This makes them easily feel the cold. So some nice and warm clothing is very welcoming for them.

Pet parents should keep this fact on top of their minds when dressing up their pet dogs. No matter how much you wanted to get them dressed in the most fashionable and trendy way, it will be still be best for them if you let your precious pets as they are.

So how can we dress them up in a way that they would feel comfortable with their clothes and yet they can make people’s head turn to them? Here are a few dos and don’ts regarding dressing up a Chihuahua.

Do not think that your tiny pet is an accessory. He/she is your most loyal friend and although you want to take pride in owning him or her, you do not really have to overdo things. So select basic outfits that would fit to the occasion or season. During summer, you can let them wear cotton t-shirts that say something such as their names, a phrase or a simple, eye-catching object. Then on colder seasons, you can have them wear a wool jacket and cool boots, if they like it. Choose designs that also speak out loud.

Do not use clothes that have tight garters. They would not like it. As much as possible try to dress them up without letting them know that they are wearing one.

Even with these restrictions you will still find lots of Chihuahua clothing that fits your little friend’s taste. The most important thing about getting them stylish and trendy is not really with the clothes. What matters is the way how they carry their clothes and how much they enjoy wearing it. This only happens if you have chosen Chihuahua clothes that would make them comfortable and free to be themselves.

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