Choosing a Dog Collar for your new best friend

When you get your first dog, there’s definitely a learning curve involved. You have to learn to train him, remember to feed him, and of course, you have to outfit him! After all, you certainly can’t have your new friend running around naked, can you? Time to buy him a dog collar!

There are several different types of dog collars that you might look at. You are no doubt familiar with the traditional nylon collars, which most dogs wear; they’re cheap, last for years, and are available in a variety of colors. You can also opt for a leather collar, which gives more of a “tough dog” look.

If you just got a new puppy, your options are somewhat more limited; a puppy collar needs to be light enough not to irritate the dog as he gets used to it. Avoid leather and stick with a soft nylon collar.

In any case, the dollar should be wide enough that you can slide a couple of fingers underneath it while he’s wearing it; at the same time, it should be tight enough that he cannot pull it off! If your new buddy is a growing puppy, he’ll likely go through several collars before reaching his full size; be sure to check regularly to make sure that his current collar is not getting too tight.

A dog harness is another option: it goes around the dog’s upper body rather than his neck, which makes it much harder for him to injure himself by jerking too hard on the leash. This can help prevent throat and neck problems; however, you do have to watch out as it’s also accessible to his teeth – you don’t want to go for a walk and find that he chewed his harness off!

All of the above can be (and should be) worn at all times, but another option is a dog halter, which is just for walking; it helps you to control the dog by making it hard for him to fight you. While it can be a bit of a pain putting it on and taking it off, it can be worth the effort to guarantee a pleasant walk with your canine friend.

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