The Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher: A Great Solution to Your Cat’s Scratching Problem

Cats’ claws continuously grow throughout their natural lives. Occasionally, the base of each nail gets covered in a rough casing. This usually causes great discomfort to the feline. Scratching is a cat’s natural method of removing the rough covering on its claws, thus filing them down. The second reason cats scratch is to mark their […]

Is a Siberian Kitten the Right Pet for You?

(Katelyn Lee)  Have you often admired the long, luxurious fur of the Siberian Cat? Their long hair certainly makes them appear to be a cuddly companion. What is their temperament really like, though? Will they make a good fit for your family?                 But First, a Little History           Surely, you can guess where these […]

Types of Litter Bins and What to Consider When Picking One for Your Pet

Pets are lovable, affectionate animals with their own unique, adorable quirks that make us love them oh-so-much. However, as most of us know, having a pet, or five, is not only a joy, but a responsibility as well. The hardest thing to deal with is generally waste disposal. Having pets, and actively taking responsibility for […]

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell

Cats are the most popular pets next to dogs.  Cats are loved by many people because they are usually cute, cuddly and full of quirks.  They love sleeping all day long, and getting into mischief when awake.  They are not extremely fragile, like say, hamsters, so you can leave them on their own for a […]

Clavamox for Cats: Benefits and Risks

Cats, while cute, cuddly and quirky, have various habits that make them vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.  No matter how much you keep your pet’s environment clean, it can still acquire infections that more often than not, are gastrointestinal in nature. Aside from that, you cannot always guarantee your cat’s safety, especially if you […]

Why should you buy Catnip Spray for your cat?

Catnip, Cataria, Catmint, Catwort – this plant is known by many names. But what is it? What does it do to cats and why? Is it dangerous? Alright, let us get all scientific for a moment. Catnip, or Nepeta Cataria, is a perennial herb and a member of the Mint family. It was once native […]

Three Benefits of using Litter Box Furniture

Litter box furniture is one of the most expensive types of litter box on the market however I love to buy them for my cats and my cats love them too. Read on for the main reasons why. My living accommodation is somewhat limited for space so I find that having a hidden litter box […]

The Cat Genie Self Flushing Litter Box

Rest easy cat owners, thanks to the Cat Genie Self Flushing Litter Box, the end of smelly poop-scooping has arrived! As a matter of fact, so has the end of expensive litter replacing because the Cat Genie litter box only uses special Cat Genie reusable, biodegradable litter. It only needs occasional refilling as the full […]

Great Toys To Make Your Cat Purr

As any cat lover can tell you, hearing their kitty per is one of the most enjoyable experiences of cat ownership.  Your cat purring lets you know just how happy they are being around you and the more you can make them per, the happier you will be around them. If you’re trying to make […]

What to Consider when Choosing a Cat

When it comes to choosing a pet cat, there are some people who do not care that much about the breed that they will get. For them, as long as they get that feline companion that they want, then everything would be okay. On the other hand, there are some who treat the decision making […]

How To Train Your Cat

So you are a new cat owner who is ready to begin training your cat to live by the rules–your rules. Maybe you already are a cat owner who has a cat who has become unmanageable. You need to know how to conduct your own kitty boot camp. Giving your feline friend lessons in obedience […]

Litter picker tools for responsible waste management

With the increasing awareness of global warming in the world and having considered garbage to be one of the causes, certain institutions have spearheaded communities, schools, private and public places in convincing members of the society to take part in the responsible management of trash. The use of litter picker tools such as mechanical grabbing […]

How to choose the best litter picker tools

Litter picker tools help us take care of trash or transfer objects from one place to the next without having to bend over or pick them up by hand. Picking up trash or objects in long periods by hand will cause back strains, and it also gets you in direct contact with germs or bacteria. […]

Helping Hand Company litter picker tools

The Helping Hand Company has a variety of litter picker tools that you may purchase online should you wish to become an active member of an organization in your community who take action in collecting litters to ensure the cleanliness of your neighborhood. Litter pickers are used all over the world in forest parks, amusement […]

Dos and dont’s when picking up trash with litter picker tools

It is indeed a wonderful experience and a good job for a cause to take active part in ensuring the cleanliness of your neighborhood. While several laws and guidelines prohibit anyone from throwing trash irresponsibly, there are still insensitive people who cannot resist tossing a single junk anywhere when they can simply make a little […]

MOHAWK USA litter pickers

Litter pickers are among the best known tools for picking up litter in a more effortless and stress-free way. In the past, trash was managed solely by hand which requires some bending over and the necessity to carry huge loads of garbage. You could just imagine how hard it must be for anyone in the […]

The role of litter picker tools

Litter pickers are used in order to manage garbage without the need to bend over. They are very convenient to use for people who work in the cleaning up of garbage and dirt in public or private places.  In the past, litters were removed just by using hands. But due to the unending curiosity of […]

How litter picker tools came about in the society

Litter picker tools are great accessories in our society. No matter how technologically advanced the world has become, these devices have become a staple at homes, neighborhoods, amusement and sports establishments, and just about any place that need to be in constant monitor against “eyesore” trash. They come in different styles: from aluminum sticks that […]

Iams kitten food products and benefits

IAMS is a large company that pioneered in the production of high-end line of pet food for cats and dogs, for which its name was dedicated to its founding father, Paul F. Iams, a son of an animal feed store owner. The company was founded in 1946. The company first ventured in the production of […]

Science Diet kitten food and its benefits

One of the most popular and trusted feline food products is the Science Diet kitten food. The first year of a cat need precise nutrition, and falling short of this requirement will basically be unhealthy for your pet. Providing your kittens with the right nutrition from birth to first year is a vital step in […]

Basic information on making homemade kitten food

Debates have flourished over the years about which between dry and canned kitten food is nutritionally best for a kitten, given that these feline infants need all nutrition to grow and develop. While both pet foods are convenient and easy to prepare, you may consider providing your little pets with homemade kitten food. Homemade preparation […]

Common Kitten food reviews by expert cat fanciers

When it comes to choosing the best kitten food formula for your juvenile cats, sometimes it is not a guarantee that what you see on manufacturer’s labels is true. If they all were, then we would not have been seeing some kitten food products suddenly recalled. When food products for pets are recalled, it is […]

Some of the best kitten food in the market today

By definition, a kitten is an infantile cat that is not yet fully grown. Just by considering this simple definition, we arrive at a fact that kittens need all the nutrients they can get to support their developmental stages. A litter generally consists of 2 to 5 kittens, and in their first four weeks they […]

When to start feeding your pets with the best kitten food

Cats are one of the most popular animals to have as pets around the house, along with dogs. The emotions present when expecting the arrival of puppies in the house are also present when someone is expecting the arrival of kittens. From birth, they look so cute, fragile, and helpless that even a young child […]

Kitten Food: Government Standards, Nutritional Requirements, and Foods That Must Be Avoided

The production of commercial kitten food is subject to various government standards to ensure the fair sale of cat food. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations were put into effect to protect the pet food industry from unfair practices not only to guard the rights of consumers but also to promote the health of […]

Basic Facts on Teacup Himalayan Kittens

Teacup Himalayan kittens are just miniaturized versions of the Persian Himalayan species of cats. Himalayan cats are a crossbred between the Siamese cat and the Persian cat. The resulting species is a cat that has the Persian cat’s body and color-point pattern of the Siamese. They say that it was called Himalayan after color-point patterns […]

Guidelines in choosing the best teacup Himalayan kittens for sale

There are plenty of websites that offer teacup Himalayan kittens for sale. For the most part, if you care to know, none of them are registered as breeds by major registries, such as the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). Take a look into their websites and you will find none […]

Common ailments and breeds of teacup kittens

Teacup kittens are miniature versions of traditionally normal sized kittens but in general they are genetically mutated smaller versions of the Persian and Himalayan cats purposely dwarfed to be born with proportional body parts to appear smaller than their original breeds. They have been bred over time to become extremely small. Genetic, hormonal, and environmental […]

Guidelines in the care of teacup Persian kittens

Teacup kittens are smaller versions of the Persian kittens. The most common type of teacup kittens is the Persian, so you should not be surprised to see photos of these kittens on the Internet labeled as teacup Persian kittens. Take note that when adopting a teacup Persian kitten, you can only bring them into your […]

How to choose a healthy teacup kitten for sale

Teacup kittens are miniature kittens derived from special mutations of normal sized breeds of cats which resulted to smaller sized kittens. Most of these kittens come from true Persian cats only that their sizes are half of the normal sized ones. Their height is at most 9 inches in height and their maximum weight is […]

The most common breeds of teacup kittens for sale

When you have decided on having a small-sized kitten to accompany you at home and somehow ease out the stress you have upon arriving from work, you may be presented with a dilemma of which breed to choose from. As soon as you arrive at a pet shop, you will immediately see differing looks of […]

Teacup kittens: characteristics, health requirements, and presence in society

Teacup kittens are generally the result of breeding a single species or cross-breeding two species of cats through genetic mutations that a kitten with extremely short legs becomes an outcome. They carry the genes of the normal sized cat only that they were mutated to have miniature sizes. Most of these kittens are of the […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Your Cat is Giving Birth

There are lots of cat owners in this planet. Most cat owners live in the United States. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering what to do when your cat is having kittens. Pregnant cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. They need to be properly cared so that they will […]

A Couple Reasons Your Cat Needs a Safe Cat Collar

Your cat is an important part of your family and you want to do everything to keep her safe.  Besides some of the other precautionary measures you have put into place such as flea bath, grooming and shots, you also purchase a nice and safe cat collar for your baby. Now you are satisfied. You […]

Cleaning Your Cat Kennel

Keeping your cat indoors is one way to prevent it from contacting diseases but you may be causing more harm than good if you do not keep your indoor environment clean for your cat. Make sure you protect your cat from diseases by giving them a good diet and also a clean environment. Cat kennels […]

Essential Basic Cat Grooming Tools

Cats are very clean creatures and groom themselves regularly. They are for the most part easy to litter train as long as you place their litter box away from food and water and human traffic, but there are a number of cat grooming tools you can aqquire relatively inexpensively that can help make your and your cats […]

Types Of Cat Litter Box Furniture

If you don’t like the look of unsightly litter boxes, there is a great alternative. Cat litter box furniture will conceal the box while still making it totally accessible to your cat. Cats will track dirty litter outside of the box, but these cabinets can have a pull-out tray that will withstand moisture and is […]

A Look At Cat Revolution

There is no doubt that the problem of heartworm infections is being discussed a lot more recently. And the dangers of this infection in Cats is becoming more and more apparent. Revolution for Cats is currently one of the best options if we want to make sure that our pets stay free from adult heartworm […]