Buying the Best Cheap Horse Rugs for Less!

Horse rugs, at one time, was the way you could keep your horse warm and dry during the cold winter weather.  The Native Americans used them for the horses’ comfort and warmth.  The rug was the only thing between them and the horse that they used for their own comfort as well. The blankets were like currency in those days, and would be used for bargaining and trading. Many brides gave their husbands horse rugs or blankets as gifts. The rugs were also used in the hot summer months to keep unwanted flies from carrying diseases to the horses or irritating them.

Today, horse rugs are used more for their decorative value, although their practical functions are still needed as well. Some horse rugs are still made and used to keep a horse warm but with many stalls being heated nowadays, their demand for their warming function has dwindled. The rugs or blankets are made in very colorful patterns with woven designs and they adorn the horses’ backs at parades, shows and other types of festivities. Cheap horse rugs are available for anyone to purchase and are readily displayed at fairs and markets. People love to use them in the decorating schemes of their homes, hung on a wall like tapestries and in their cars as seat covers. They are considered a high end fashion item for designers to use in their creations.

When looking for cheap horse rugs remember to consider what the product is made of, and how, because you do not want to purchase a rug only to have it fall apart several weeks later. You may want to pay just a little more and get a better quality rug. You can find cheap horse rugs on the internet and in specialty shops along with places that sell horse show items.

If you are buying a rug for the cold weather and you need your horse to have the extra warmth, then you definitely want to do a little research on where to find the best reasonably priced horse rugs that will last. You can always do an internet search and look up different horse rugs. Many websites have customer feedback listings and you will be able to read how the rugs worked for the people that purchased them, and if they felt the rugs were worth the money. People tend to be very honest when writing a review to share with other people on a product they bought.

Like with any other woven or cloth item, the tread count does matter. A higher thread count will make the horse rug heavier and warmer and a lower thread count will make it lighter and thinner. It all depends on what you need the horse rug for. Spending time searching will most likely get you the deal you want. Strategies like buying a winter horse rug in the summer time can sometimes get you a sizeable discount.

Finding cheap horse rugs to buy is easy to do. What is hard is deciding which one to buy. If you really want a good deal, look for slightly used rugs, end of the season deals, auctions, markets or ads. Be diligent, stick to your price range and be patient and you will end up with the best-quality cheap horse rugs available on the market.


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