Everything You Need to Know about Parrot Insurance

Of late, pet insurance is becoming more and more a facet of pet ownership. When you take into account the costs of veterinary bills, it becomes a wise solution. Surprisingly enough, it has recently become possible to obtain exotic bird insurance, and even more specifically, parrot insurance. For parrot owners, this new development is sure […]

Why is the Cassowary the Deadliest Bird?

The large flightless Cassowary looks like a turkey that has stepped out of the days of the Saber-Toothed Tiger. This bird looks harmless as it eats fruits and berries ¬†Yet the Cassowary is by far the deadliest and most aggressive bird on the planet earth. You may be scratching your head wondering why. It looks […]

New Bird Toys to Climb and Chew

Bird toys are not just a mirror with bells or a plastic ladder anymore, but are assemblies of string, plastic beads, wooden shapes and bells to keep your bird happy for hours. Some are large enough to climb or swing on if hung appropriately. The cotton or nylon rope can be shredded or the beads […]