Benefits of Using Tunnels for Dogs

Dog training is essential for every dog and every dog owner. It is a time of excitement and lots of thrills, bringing them together and building a stronger connection, but is also implies some hardships and a lot of time and patience to be spent. Teaching your dog to use an agility tunnel is a great training exercise that brings along lots of benefits.

Don’t hesitate to buy a dog tunnel made of plastic, vinyl or nylon and make full use of it. Dogs are extremely curious and they always want to stick their noses everywhere they are (or are not) allowed to, so for you to install a dog agility tunnel in your backyard is definitely going to call for his entire attention. He will respond by running around it, maybe barking and shaking his tail in excitement and simply expressing his happiness and curiosity. So you should not have any problems with the training part. You could, however, contact a dog trainer if you think your dog is a bit stubborn when it comes to executing commands that are more complex such as running through such a tunnel.

If you think you can handle the training part, arm yourself with patience and plenty of incentives and start doing your thing. Things might not go so good at first, so you should buy a sturdy tunnel that is not easily breakable in the outdoors. Choose a tunnel that has the right size for your dog and select either a closed-end tunnel, or an open-end one. Pipe or chute? It’s really up to you and your dog; you need to be the master of this decision. Just base your choice on your dog’s malleability when it comes to training. You can get some great deals on dog tunnels, Try searching “dog agility starter kit” in Google these are kits that include tunnels and weave poles.

Teaching your dog to run through an agility tunnel is an excellent way of spending quality time together, bonding more, showing him you are interested in seeing him busy and happy. Plus, another benefit is the fact your dog will be able to run through any long dark tunnel and face and eliminate his all of his fears.

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