Basic Facts on Teacup Himalayan Kittens

Teacup Himalayan kittens are just miniaturized versions of the Persian Himalayan species of cats. Himalayan cats are a crossbred between the Siamese cat and the Persian cat. The resulting species is a cat that has the Persian cat’s body and color-point pattern of the Siamese. They say that it was called Himalayan after color-point patterns of animals such as the Himalayan rabbit.

It is quite difficult to purchase a teacup Himalayan kitten from a reputable cattery because almost all websites we see on the Internet could be scams for which the owners are out to benefit from other people’s money by selling smaller versions of these cats only to learn that they are about to look after a normal-sized cat. It is a surprise too that there are people eager to own extremely small kittens with heights the same as that of a Coke can when they can even enjoy the company of similarly sweet, lovable, and playful normal-sized kittens.

Whatever their reasons are for buying a teacup Himalayan kitten, they are still guaranteed of a pet that has the same characteristics as that of a traditional sized Himalayan kitten only that it has smaller size proportions. The teacup Himalayan kittens that you can buy from breeders may be one of the following. The color is restricted to the facial mask and on the body extremities with various shades of white to fawn.

1.    chocolate,
2.    seal,
3.    lilac, blue,
4.    red,
5.    cream tortie,
6.    blue-cream,
7.    chocolate-tortie,
8.    lilac-cream,
9.    seal lynx,
10.    blue lynx,
11.    red lynx,
12.    cream lynx, t
13.    ortie lynx,
14.    blue-cream lynx,
15.    chocolate lynx,
16.    lilac lynx,
17.    chocolate-tortie lynx and
18.    lilac-cream lynx

The teacup Himalayan kitten must have vivid blue eyes because eyes that are not of blue shades will be disqualified from the breed.

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