Basic facts of the White Winter Dwarf Hamsters

One species of dwarf hamsters is that of Phodopus sungorus, or the White Winter Dwarf Hamster. It belongs to the same group as that of Campbellā€™s Russian dwarf hamster. It is native to Eastern Kazakhstan and Southwest Siberia, and they live amongst grasslands. Between the Campbell and Roborovskii, the latter is the lesser common species kept as pets so we rarely see them in pet stores. They are also named as the Siberian Dwarf Hamster, yet most popularly known for the term Winter White Russian Hamster because of its natural ability to turn its coat into white during the winter season.

The winter white has a more solid shape than the Campbells. Its eyes are more recognizable and its spine is curved on the way to the rear that it tends to have a bullet-shaped body. Just like the other hamster species, it has expandable cheek pouches. Its feet are furry that is why it is also called as the Furry Hamster and Hairy Footed Hamster.

This dwarf hamster is a sociable pet and can harmoniously live with other Russian hamsters provided they are introduced as young as possible. A fierce fight is likely to occur when one hamster is put onto the cage in the latter years. Putting infants together in the early stages is better.

The normal color for winter white is dark grey, a darker grey undercolor, thick jet black dorsal stripe on its back from the head to the tail, whitish belly, black eyes, and grey ears. It can also be a sapphire color; light purple with grey undercolor, also with dorsal stripe in darker grey, an ivory belly, black eyes, and brownish-grey ears.

The winter white dwarf is indeed a good pet, but due to its smaller size than other hamster genera, it is not ideal for little children because they do not know yet how to properly handle them. It is also helpful for you to know that they can squeeze through the bars of the most common hamster cages, so it is better to purchase cages that are ideally created for mice. Better yet, choose those made in glass or plastic. Aquariums are also suitable.

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