Are Dog Gates Cruel?

If you are expecting a new pet, perhaps because your current dog or cat is pregnant then you owe it to yourself and the animals to make a few changes before the new arrival.

It is essential to set limits on your pets’ territory, especially while you are in the process of training the new puppy or kitten. This helps the new animal to understand your dominance in the household.

There are different kinds of dog gates, depending on the size of your dog, the size of the opening you fit it across and whether you want a permanent fixing arrangement, as opposed to a pressure fixing.

All dog gates will serve to restrict the movement the movement of kittens as much as puppies, even though an adult cat can easily spring over one, so do not hesitate to shop for dog gates to help with kitten training. With both small pups and kittens, make sure that the bars at the bottom are close enough to stop your young pet from wriggling through.

Dog gates for the house come in a wide range of prices and standards, from basic gates that do the job perfectly adequately all the way up to bespoke, hand-made dog gates that are a feature in their own right.

It might seem cruel to restrict your pet’s movement, and adult dogs and cats will not take kindly to a sudden restriction on their freedom to roam. Using a dog gate means that any mess is easily cleaned up from the pets’ designated area. The gate is also for the pet’s safety. If a puppy wanders upstairs, not only might he poop in your bed, but he might fall downstairs afterwards. You have a duty to keep your pet safe so treat a dog gate as an essential cost associated with having a pet.

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