Albino Sugar Glider – A Social And Intelligent Pet

An ever-increasingly popular pet animal, albino sugar glider has a pure snow-white fur and red eyes. It is about eleven inches long and if properly cared for, can remain an ideal companion for almost fifteen years. It is bred in farms and the animal comes in the category of nocturnals who sleep during the day and hunt for food in the night. An interestingly unique animal, it needs gentle care and protection.

Before going into details about the creature, it is always good to have a fair idea on sugar gliders in general. These animals enjoy living in forests where there are plenty of eucalyptus trees. However, they seem to have come from New Guinea and Southern Australia. These critters have a gliding membrane and the female counterpart have a pouch in which they raise their kitten. The gliding membrane allows them to glide from tree to tree. Generally, they are found in forests in a group of six to ten.

There are two types of albino sugar gliders: the one with snow-white fur and red eyes and the other with the same color and pink eyes. The first type has incomplete genes and this is used to breed more sugar gliders.

Unlike other animals, one has to take care of many important things while constructing a cage for this nocturnal animal;
1. Make sure that the cage is a large one, as large as three cubic feet.
2. Construct wire sides with minimum space to prevent it from escaping.
3. Make sure that the cage has wire bottom and pull-out tray which makes the cleaning faster and easier.
4. Make sure that the cage has a tamper-free lock.
Remember, if you plan to raise one of this type, make sure that they are not alone. Generally, they easily adapt to the company of others of their kind. If raised alone, they will require constant watching and interaction. If properly cared for, sugar gliders become fearless with humans and are capable of recognizing the smell of the owner.

Things to avoid while feeding
While feeding them, make sure that things like excessive fat, refined sugar, branches of poisonous trees are not included in the diet. Try to protect this pet animal from intense sunlight and take all the necessary measures to save it from diseases like malnutrition, pesticides, self-inflicted wounds etc.

If one takes all these measures, one is sure to enjoy the company of one among the most social, intelligent and lovable pet.

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