Advantages of using the HALTI dog collar

The HALTI dog collar was created by a renowned British zoologist and animal behavior therapist who has committed himself to the study of animals’ behaviors, the protection of their rights, the invention of products that save the lives of animals as well as enhance knowledge and develop skills of their owners, and most of all, for the study of aggression in dogs for which he has gained widespread popularity and notable authority in the field. His name is Dr. Roger Mugford, also the founder of the Animal Behaviour Center in Britain that for over thirty years have researched and mastered on the behaviors of many animals openly volunteered by several animal owners in the country in the hopes of understanding better the factors that affect a pet’s positive or negative behaviors.

One of his popular works, aside from his books, is the invention of the HALTI head collar. It was designed to apply maximum control over the dog’s head without sacrificing the dog’s comfort. The logic behind its invention is that when you gain control over the dog’s head, you gain control as well of its entire body. Dogs do not like getting pulled on its left or on its right sides, which is common among traditional collar and leashes. The HALTI gives the freedom of controlling the dog’s head and controlling the direction where the dog is traveling. This product is very ideal for all sorts of dog breeds, but more particularly for large, excitable, aggressive, and unruly dogs. For these dogs taking them out for a walk is a struggle, and the best way to manage this problem is by using the HALTI.

Although straps are seen on the face of the dog, it is easily adjustable to help ensure that the straps that rest on the dog’s muzzle are positioned about half an inch from the eyes. Another good thing about the HALTI is that it does not restrain the dog from opening its mouth. It is still capable of barking, drinking, eating, and grasping some objects.

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