A Wealth Of Sugar Glider Color Variations

Sugar glider color variations range from colorless albino to darkest brown and black. Fanciers prize the rarer patterns and breeders often charge more for animals with unusual coloring. Most any combination that a pet owner might desire is available, and new options are being discovered all the time.

Some enthusiasts categorize the glider color variations into four main categories. The first group is the Brown/Red family. These types include Chocolate or Brown, Buttercream, Lion and Red Cinnamon colors. Creamy brown or yellow body colors with reddish markings distinguish this group.

The second type is considered the Classic Gray. Most sugar gliders fall into this category with their classic gray design with a dark stripe and face markings. It also includes Blonde/Silver Cream, a lighter variation of Classic Gray, and Black Beauty a darker version.

The third designation has the most differences in color and pattern. It is known as White Variations. The main body shade for these gliders is white or cream with many different types of markings. Leucistic, Platinum, Mosaic, Champagne, Calico, Ringtail, White Face and White Tip are examples of these combinations.

The fourth option, Albino, could be considered a part of the White Variations, but are often separated out because these gliders have no coloring at all and present red or pink eyes and ears. T- Albino gliders are also known as Creamino and may have a faint stripe down their back. T- Albino animals are pure white with no markings at all.

Sugar glider color variations do not affect the personalities of these adorable, affectionate creatures. The striking nature of some of these differences, however, can certainly affect the desirability and price of any given individual. It is worth considering carefully what patterns most appeal to you and how important they are when choosing your sugar glider.

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