A summary of black bear hamster info

A black bear hamster is a mutated breed of the Syrian golden hamster, known to be first discovered in the deserts of Syria in 1839. However, the black bear was first mutated in 1985 in France and was later exported to many parts of the world. Today, it is the most popular breed of hamsters loved by pet owners.

The black bear has a dark black color at infancy, but as they reach full maturation their fur turn into either brown-black or blue-black. Their feet are pinkish, the front feet have four toes each, and the back feet have five toes each. There is a white stripe on its bottom parts from the tail to the chin. They are usually 6 inches long when fully matured. Their eyes are black, but the nose is pink with some whiskers on the face so it is still easy to distinguish the face of the black bear despite its dark color.

The following are some more of the basic facts about the European black bear:
1.  Order: Rodentia
2.  Family: Cricetidae
3.  Genus: Mesocricetus
4. Species: auratus
5.  Size: 6 inches long
6:  Weight: 2 to 3 grams at birth, 180-210 grams as an adult
7.   Adult food consumption: 10 to 15 grams per day
8.  Food preference: grains, grass, fruits, vegetables, commercial hamster food
9.  Gestation period: 16 days
10.  Lifespan as pets: 2 to 4 years, depending on care feeding

The black bear should be sheltered in a manner conducive to its growth and development. You must have an accurate setting and breathing space, understand that no hamsters should be placed together because you know that it is fatal due to fights, communicate with your hamster, provide adequate care, and be responsible in the well-being of the hamster. The black bear is not difficult to look after because they stay clean and wiping it with a damp cloth or baby wipes is all you need to keep it sanitary.

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