A Couple Reasons Your Cat Needs a Safe Cat Collar

Your cat is an important part of your family and you want to do everything to keep her safe.  Besides some of the other precautionary measures you have put into place such as flea bath, grooming and shots, you also purchase a nice and safe cat collar for your baby. Now you are satisfied. You feel that you have gone above and beyond your duty to keep the environment for you cat safe, inside and out. But what does your cat think about her new collar? Well if your cat is already familiar with wearing a collar daily then you don’t have too much to worry about. Just make sure your kitty is wearing a safe collar with a breakaway clasp.

If your cat is not used to wearing a collar then you may have a challenge on your hands (for a short while anyway). Your cat’s immediate thought could be: “What the heck! Why did she put this binding piece of material around my delectable fur? I don’t like it!  I’ll show my human just who’s the boss around here.”

Yes, your cat does have the tenacity to find a way to scratch and paw the collar from around her neck if she really doesn’t want it around her neck. In most cases she will be successful. Especially when you are not looking. You will find the nice safe collar you purchased off of her neck and located in the darnedest places.  And your cat will look at you with victory in her eyes, practically daring you to try that stunt again.

And try you must.

If your kitty only goes outside every once in a while it is a must for your cat to have a safe collar around her neck. As an added safety measure you can use the collar to put a tag with her name, address and maybe cell phone number. If she  (heaven forbid) gets out or gets lost she can be returned to you. With a safety cat collar there will be less chance of her collar getting caught or snagged on a fence or a branch as she peruses the neighborhood.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure your cat continues to stay flea free, get a topical ointment like Advantage. Advantage has products that will work on fleas from one to three months. Much better than an over the counter flea collar. Be wary of purchasing a flea collar. They have a visible powder on them that may be harmful for your cat.

Whatever the circumstance, the feline member of the family needs to be taken care of and protected. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor kitty, a safe collar with a breakaway clasp should do trick.

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