3 Simple Tips to Make Your Dog Stay Fit and Healthy: Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Obesity hit canines! Humans should help their dogs to live healthy and in good shape always. Like us, dogs become obese because of too much food intake and too little work out. Also, there are many health problems associated with this condition. If your dog is obese, its lungs can’t function properly. The fat will push against the diaphragm and lungs. As a result, breathing is difficult.

An obese dog decreases its ability in performing daily activities like walking, jumping, performing tricks and more. Also, your dog will have a short life span as well as lower its ability to enjoy normal activities in life. However, as a pet owner, you can do many things and there are many weight loss tips that will help your pet back into shape. Be a responsible owner and make your dog healthy and long lived.

1. Assessment

By the time you have your dogs, you have to assess if your dogs are overweight. You can find out by simply checking their ribs. Normally, the ribs are not visible but you can touch them or you’ll be able to detect it when you let them jump or catch the Frisbee. But if you can’t feel the ribs of your dogs, probably they are overweight.

Your dogs need to have routine checkups with your veterinarian. This is very essential for dogs. Larger dogs can hide their weight. A veterinarian is the one who can make a decision if your dogs are overweight.

2. Feeding

Dogs have a strong need for love and affection. One reason why dogs eat too much is that most pet owners use foods to show affection towards their dogs. Using foods as a reward will train your dogs to look foods for affection. This can lead them to gain weight and any associated problems. It’s not a good habit for a pet owner to practice. You can fill the needs of your dogs by playing, petting, give them toys or go strolling with them.

During meal time, you should not leave foods out all through the day. You have to set schedules and their eating place. Just one meal or you can give them two small meals. This would be enough for their needs. Also, a day every week without food will aid in burning the extra stored fat in their bodies.

Remember, dogs are being trained in behaviour. For example, if dogs beg for food and someone will give them foods, dogs will find out that begging will results in having what they desire. You have to discipline your dogs all the time. But make sure that you are not scolding them if they are not caught in act.

3. Exercise

Your dog also needs exercises. You have to give time for your dogs every day. Encourage your dogs to walk with you every day or as directed with your veterinarian. It is very simple but a good exercise not only for dogs but for you as well. Another means is to play games with your dogs. By the time your dogs improve their endurance and strength, then playing fetch would be fun.

Follow the plan of your veterinarian and keep schedules. This is particularly essential if losing weight is important. If you love your pet, you have to do what is good for them.

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