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Picking Out Good Dog Food

Many premium products are on the market today, making good dog food choices an even harder decision. Along with those is a host of brands featuring inferior ingredients. Puppies require different nutrients than adult canines and senior pets have their own nutritional needs. Beyond that, owners will find soft foods, hard kibble and in-between products with various enticing flavors.

The good news is that many good dog food brands provide clear labeling with regard to age. Some take it a step further to address specific health issues such as kidney function and weight. Vet-specific dog foods, purchased only at a professional facility, offer customized canned and dry diets for animals of every age. On top of that, organic products and raw diets are additional options.

Choices are still not simple. Different breeds have specific recommendations as well. Smaller canines that are highly active may require a higher calorie food. Some breeds with known allergies or sensitivities may need to avoid corn and pork products. Products formulated for larger breeds may include nutrients to enhance bone structure. Some dogs will simply display their own taste preferences. A first rule of thumb is to start with the best type of product you can afford. That means a look at the ingredient list, which is also a reflection of quality. It should lead off with one or more proteins such as chicken, beef or turkey. Eggs, vegetables and fish near the top also are a good sign. Grains, minerals, fiber, fats and vitamins should follow.

Some debate exists whether to feed canned, semi-moist or dry food. Again, that depends on the animal. Dry foods help keep teeth in better condition but may not be the best for aging animals. Canned foods offer more bulk and may be easier for dogs with urinary issues to digest. Semi-moist foods tend to contain more sugars and may be best served as treats.

Active breeds require a higher caloric content food. Known health issues should also affect the food selection. Beginning early with foods that contain preventative ingredients may reduce the risks of related conditions in later years.

really good dog food means one that is best for your pet at its particular stage in life, not simply a general good dog food that comes with a recommendation. With age, adjustments may require subtle or major changes in diet choices. The right feeding routine to maintain perfect weight, balanced with proper nutrients, will help keep a pet healthier and happier much longer.

Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs And 10 Exercise Ideas

the black box relevation:I think I like youDogs need exercise to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body. No matter what breed you might have adequate amounts of exercise are essential for the dogs physical, emotional and mental well being. Different breeds require different levels of exercise so make sure to check with your vet or a dog book to be sure how much your dog requires.

Benefits of Exercise

  • In terms of general health, exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. And yes weight gain is a concern for pets as it is for humans and this is where regular exercise really can make all the difference in the world.
  • There might come a time when your dog becomes frustrated, sad or depressed and this could very well be due to a lack of exercise.
  • Exercise supports a long and healthy life for the dog.
  • Builds muscle.
  • It is an essential part of development for puppies: mental, physical and social.
  • Supports bonding and quality time with their owners.
  • Makes dogs happy and facilitates playtime which is essential for their development.
  • Exercise facilitates healthy aggression release. This can really he essential for dogs that like to take their aggressions out on owners belongings.

10 Exercise Ideas For Dogs

1. One of the best ways to exercise dogs is by providing toys and playing fetch. There is a huge variety of toys available for sale that include fun squishy toys that make noise, which dogs really enjoy. Dogs also love tennis balls and frisbees, especially the hunting breeds, and of course you can just use a plain old branch stick as well. When you throw the toys it encourages your dog to fetch, which in turn makes the dog run and stimulates thier minds as well. This is essential for puppies that like human babies and toddlers need toys for stimulation and healthy development.

2. Take your dog out for a walk in a park or around your neighborhood. Walking and letting the dog explore its environment will ensure a healthy well being both physically and mentally.

3. If you have a nice yard let your dog out to play often and not just for bathroom breaks. Go outside with your pet and play, after all, humans need exercise too.

4. Dog parks are very popular and useful, especially for dogs that live in small apartments and do not have a yard to play in. In this setting dogs can run and play without a leash and also they can socialize with other dogs. Make sure to read the rules of the park you go to and abide by them at all times. Of course, owners with aggressive dogs should consider this activity carefully.

5. Some dogs love to do tricks. If you have a dog that is easliy trained and is very playful you can teach him to jump through a hula hoop, and this can be done right in the house. This is a super fun activity and if you video tape it and post it on YouTube your best friend might just go viral and become famous!

6. Dog racing competitions are great options for dogs that love to run and compete. Hunting breeds will enjoy this activity immensely. A number of pet festivals take place all over the world.

7. Biking with your dog is another good idea for getting your dog some exercise and getting them to run. Of course, this is not for all breeds, and it’s important to remember that this can be risky, especially for dogs that tend to run off. Always make sure that you have a safe place to do it, not on or near a busy street.

8. For dogs who love water, and there are many breeds that do, swimming is a great way to get your dog to be active. Of course, this means you have to have your own pool, but for those that do, this is a great option. If you live in a more rural area there might be watering holes where people go to swim and where a dog can swim with you as well. Just be careful and make sure the water is not polluted.

9. Going to the beach where dogs can run or walk with you or even swim is a great day outing for both you and your beloved pet. Here you can also throw toys and sticks to play fetch, let the dog run free and have fun.

10. Hiking trips are a great idea for many larger breeds, like Labradors and hunting breeds and is usually best reserved for larger dogs that are very active. Hiking is a great way to play, relax and exercise fo both you and your pet.

Bottom Line

No matter which activity you choose just make sure to get your dog active at least a few times per week. Remember that exercise is not just for physical health, it also stimulates their mental development, helps with socialization and behavior and also allows for the invaluable quality time that all dogs need with their owners.