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Great Toys To Make Your Cat Purr

As any cat lover can tell you, hearing their kitty per is one of the most enjoyable experiences of cat ownership.  Your cat purring lets you know just how happy they are being around you and the more you can make them per, the happier you will be around them. If you’re trying to make your cat as happy as it possibly can be, you should definitely look into buying cat toys that make their life much more fun.

Below I will explain several toys that can make your cat go crazy and display a brand new sense of affection towards you.

A standard cat toy will be regular catnip, a plant that puts them in the most pleasurable state of mind a cat can be in.  The catnip plant is in actually growing plants that releases chemicals that tried the cat wild into a state of euphoria.  The more cats put pressure on to the plant, the more it seemingly affects them.

Another great variation of catnip toys is the scratching post. This type of cat furniture allows your cats to scratch and object, allowing them to give their claws some exercise without destroying your favorite home items.  This is perfect for people who have cats who love the scratch things, but are sick of getting their couches and other nice items ruined in the process.

Thirdly, if you are looking to give your cat of little bit of luxury in his life, you should definitely purchase him a new cat bed.  These cat beds are very plush and are very warm for your cat to sleep in and they’ll love the fuzzy material lining it.  I have purchased one for my cat and he immediately fell in love with it, although he only sleeps and it when I place it on my bed.

What to Consider when Choosing a Cat

When it comes to choosing a pet cat, there are some people who do not care that much about the breed that they will get. For them, as long as they get that feline companion that they want, then everything would be okay. On the other hand, there are some who treat the decision making as something serious–almost like a life and death situation. And what makes their decision making a little tougher is the fact that there are almost 40 cat types to choose from (these are purebreds). If you are someone who is facing the said conundrum of choosing one out of about 40 cat types or out of all the available cats there are in the world, then here are some tips for you.

Whether or not you are getting a purebred, you would have to consider the personality and characteristic of the feline that you would get. There are some people who fail to realize that different cats have different needs and traits. They have different energy levels, and have different abilities to interact with strangers and children and abilities to be left alone. You might also want to consider what gender you should get, although as your pet grows older, regardless of its gender, it would still develop its own set of unique characteristics. What it would be like when it grows up would depend on the type of upbringing that it has had, just like how it is with human children.

If you would like to have more information about the different types of cats and their specific traits and characteristics, you could search for a book that discusses everything about cats and their breeds. Or you could search the Internet for sites that post discussions about the different cat breeds that can be bought as pets.

Wicker dog baskets

Wicker dog baskets are most probably the most beautiful and durable baskets around. They are traditionally handwoven basket, which can be made up of different materials. They look strong and add a traditional touch to any room. With a cosy cushion or mattress added to these baskets, they can provide a comfortable and warm bed for your beloved dog.

Wicker is made up of natural materials that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are often made of material of plant origin, but plastic fibres are also used. Materials used can be any part of a plant, such as the cores of cane of rattan stalks, or whole thicknesses of plants, as with willoe switches. Other popular materials include reed and bamboo. The material of the wicker basket plays an important role, considering the quality and longetivity. The better the quality, the longer it lasts.

Wicker baskets are themselves very stylish. On top of that they come in a range if different styles and shapes. The style you choose is all up to you, but make sure that the size you buy is the right one. It is important that the basket is big enough for your dogs to stretch and move in. If you have an Alsatian, then it is required to get a bigger basket, so that it is comfortable. If the dog is a Chihuahua, then a small basket will work well. Make sure the basket is spacious enough for you four-legged friend.

The wicker dog baskets are very affordable. They coem in the price range of $30 to $50. they come in various shapes such as oval and square. Since, dogs love to chew, these wicker baskets can be in danger. Thus, it is highly recommended to put “bitter bite” on the beds to make them less appealing to chew.

Dogs are very active and are hard working too, thus a goodnight sleep or rest is something that they deserve. If you love your dog and want them to grow better and healthy, then dont hesitate to spend a few dollars for their comfort.

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Dog Stay Fit and Healthy: Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Obesity hit canines! Humans should help their dogs to live healthy and in good shape always. Like us, dogs become obese because of too much food intake and too little work out. Also, there are many health problems associated with this condition. If your dog is obese, its lungs can’t function properly. The fat will push against the diaphragm and lungs. As a result, breathing is difficult.

An obese dog decreases its ability in performing daily activities like walking, jumping, performing tricks and more. Also, your dog will have a short life span as well as lower its ability to enjoy normal activities in life. However, as a pet owner, you can do many things and there are many weight loss tips that will help your pet back into shape. Be a responsible owner and make your dog healthy and long lived.

1. Assessment

By the time you have your dogs, you have to assess if your dogs are overweight. You can find out by simply checking their ribs. Normally, the ribs are not visible but you can touch them or you’ll be able to detect it when you let them jump or catch the Frisbee. But if you can’t feel the ribs of your dogs, probably they are overweight.

Your dogs need to have routine checkups with your veterinarian. This is very essential for dogs. Larger dogs can hide their weight. A veterinarian is the one who can make a decision if your dogs are overweight.

2. Feeding

Dogs have a strong need for love and affection. One reason why dogs eat too much is that most pet owners use foods to show affection towards their dogs. Using foods as a reward will train your dogs to look foods for affection. This can lead them to gain weight and any associated problems. It’s not a good habit for a pet owner to practice. You can fill the needs of your dogs by playing, petting, give them toys or go strolling with them.

During meal time, you should not leave foods out all through the day. You have to set schedules and their eating place. Just one meal or you can give them two small meals. This would be enough for their needs. Also, a day every week without food will aid in burning the extra stored fat in their bodies.

Remember, dogs are being trained in behaviour. For example, if dogs beg for food and someone will give them foods, dogs will find out that begging will results in having what they desire. You have to discipline your dogs all the time. But make sure that you are not scolding them if they are not caught in act.

3. Exercise

Your dog also needs exercises. You have to give time for your dogs every day. Encourage your dogs to walk with you every day or as directed with your veterinarian. It is very simple but a good exercise not only for dogs but for you as well. Another means is to play games with your dogs. By the time your dogs improve their endurance and strength, then playing fetch would be fun.

Follow the plan of your veterinarian and keep schedules. This is particularly essential if losing weight is important. If you love your pet, you have to do what is good for them.

How To Train Your Cat

So you are a new cat owner who is ready to begin training your cat to live by the rules–your rules. Maybe you already are a cat owner who has a cat who has become unmanageable. You need to know how to conduct your own kitty boot camp.

Giving your feline friend lessons in obedience is not an impossible feat. You just need to understand which methods work best for getting your cat to learn. Much like training any animal, cats respond to a system of rewards and reprimands. You need to keep in mind that a cat’s ideas of what constitutes a reward are very different from what you would consider rewarding.

Cat behaviors you should discourage are clawing furniture and woodwork, clawing or biting people, eating houseplants, and not using the litter box. You may think of others and people have gone so far as to train their cats to play fetch, sit and give high fives, even to use the human toilet. The basis for all of this is to repel the cat from the unwanted behaviors and replace them with desirable ones.

Keeping cats from bad behaviors involves making the behavior unpleasant. This includes squirt bottles (kitty gets a squirt to the face when caught trying to eat a houseplant), loud noises (“ouch” yelled loudly can keep kitty from biting you again), and textures (netting or double-sided sticky tape on furniture legs will deter kitty from clawing).

Then comes the fun part–the rewards. Give your cat his own kitty garden filled with cat grass. Spend extra time at play with your cat to use all that energy she has for hunting. Give him little cat treats when you see him in the litter box and relax in the knowledge that you are raising a good kitty. These ideas are the fundamental basics on how to train your cat.

What To Look For When Your Dog Is Itching But There Are No Fleas

Have you ever seen your dog itching and scratching relentlessly? Your first thought was probably that your dog has fleas. And it very well could be, since fleas are the most common reason dogs get itchy. But it definitely isn’t the only reason your dog scratches. Other common reasons for your dog itching constantly are allergies and mange.

Mange in dogs is more common with young puppies that don’t have a strong immune system, or with older dogs who are undernourished or under some sort of stress that compromises the immune system. Most dogs with a healthy immune system can handle the mites that cause mange, although some healthy can also contract it and need help from your vet to clear it up.

Allergies in dogs are on the rise in the past decade. And what most people don’t realize is that dogs can become allergic to just about anything – just like people. It might be their dog food, a certain pesticide, or even seasonal, like pollens, that could be causing your dog’s problem. Whatever the trigger, the key to helping with dog allergies is a healthier immune system. A strong, healthy immune system is better able to handle a foreign substance and not treat it like an allergen.

And the easiest way to get a stronger immune system is through nutrition. Many commercial dog foods just don’t have quality nutrients that your dog’s body so desperately needs. Many enzymes and essential fatty acids are lost in the processing of the dog food. A switch to a super-premium dog food, such as a holistic, organic, or hypoallergenic dog food, might do wonders for your dog’s overall health and immune system.

If your dog itching but no fleas, allergies could be your dog’s problem. And if you treat the problem by concentrating on nutrition, you will be creating a healthier dog with a stronger immune system that is able to fight off parasites, like mites, as well as allergens, on their own.

How to Get Cheap Yet Quality Services for your Dog

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. This is not a cliché but a fact which everyone is aware of. If you are planning to get an animal for a pet, then consider getting yourself a dog. Why? Because they are smart and has a level of IQ which can be compared to a five year old child which can already understand and respond to the things that you are saying. If you are more after the look rather than the intelligence, however, there are also plenty of choices of breed which you can choose from. If you are worried about your budget, then you can also rest your mind because buying a dog is just a piece of cake nowadays.

As for the expenses you’ll have to spend for maintenance, it is true that you have to spend some money in food, insurance and other services which your pet will need. You don’t have to fret too much though since there are plenty of insurance companies, food retailer and veterinaries which can offer you affordable services like cheap dog insurance contracts for example. However looking for a cheap dog insurance can be a hard task especially if you don’t know where to look.

You have to remember though that the only key in looking for a good insurance is patience. You have to learn how to search well. Shop for different stores and companies and do not be haphazard when it comes to making decisions. You also need to know enough background about your pet and the things he/she needs. For example, do you know how to find the best dog food available in a minimum price? Sometimes, the price of the dog food is related to the breed of the dog you have. This is not always true, however, because there are cheaper alternatives which you can use if you really have an issue you’re your budget. Researching for these alternatives is very important if you want to provide your dog with premium care without spending too much.

Protect your home from Muddy Paws in the Winter

Many families own dogs and throughout most of the year they can be a pleasure to own. Come the winter months though your four legged friend can become rather frustrating by making the task of keeping the house clean ten times harder. There are however certain measures that can be taken that will make your home far easier to keep clean and combat muddy paws.

One of the first things to put in place is a mat outside the back door. An door mat situated outside of the back door is a great place for paws to half dry off before coming in to the house. If you dogs are anything like mine then they will usually stand outside the back door waiting to come in. This is a great opportunity to absorb some of the mud and wetness of their paws.

Once they’ve stood outside for a few minutes it’s time to let them in. Ideally the first room that you let your furry friends in to should have a non porous floor – for example tile, a vinyl laminate or even wood. All of these non porous surfaces are easy to keep clean and all you need is a mop with a microfiber head. If the floor of your room is not like this though you may want to consider washable rug runners – these log and narrow rugs are really absorbent and will take most of the ‘outside’ of your dogs paws before they get in to your living room. A washable rug can be simply thrown in to an automatic washing machine and washed once or twice a week – no expensive dry cleaning and a cleaner house!

The final factor in saving your home from wear and tear is to protect high traffic areas from dirty paws. Using hard wearing rugs such as seagrass rugs will prevent areas of carpet become worn and dirty and will stop wooden floors from being scratched. Seagrass rugs were just one example of the type of rug you could use – any rug that is tightly wove and hardwearing is suitable for pet use.

If you follow these simple steps you can make your home a much easier place to keep clean from muddy winter pet paws!

Why is the Cassowary the Deadliest Bird?

The large flightless Cassowary looks like a turkey that has stepped out of the days of the Saber-Toothed Tiger. This bird looks harmless as it eats fruits and berries  Yet the Cassowary is by far the deadliest and most aggressive bird on the planet earth.

You may be scratching your head wondering why. It looks like it couldn’t hurt a flea. There must be dozens on deadlier birds than this. Look at eagles, hawks and owls. They are carnivores and have sharp talons and hooked beaks. They should be at the number one spot to win the deadliest birds.

Hawks, eagles and owls, though not the deadliest birds, are nothing to mess with. They dive at people to run them off from their nest. They haven’t killed anyone, though they could with those wicked talons. Raptors aren’t interested in killing people, though if they were, they’d be a menace. You have more to worry about with an angry father swan defending his nest than raptors.

Vultures would be another one of the deadliest birds on the planet with those claws and beaks. Yet they would rather wait until their meal is dead before attacking it. They have been known to attack people but that’s rare.

What makes the Cassowary the deadliest bird?

This bird is very aggressive when defending its nest. The female mates with the male, lays her eggs and leaves when that task is done. She goes off to mate with another male. He’s left with the care of the eggs. He keeps them warm, tends to the nest and then when they hatch, he protects them and shows them what to eat. He’s a caring parent.

Tending the nest, laying on the eggs and rearing the chicks makes him aggressive. He will fight to protect them – from anything.

This is why he will race up to danger, leap in the air and slash out with his claws. He can kill a man. They’ve been known to kill humans that invade their territory. Once the danger is gone, off he goes about protecting his chicks.

The Cassowary is related to Ostriches and Emus.

Let Me Tell You About Taste of the Wild Coupons

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Now that’s just two formulas that you can get from Taste of the Wild and there’s plenty more. You can use their Taste of the Wild coupons to reduce the prices.