A Summary of Basic Information about Dog Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Dysplasia is a serious condition that is sometimes neglected by few pet owners. We see some people who do not seem to be bothered at all looking at their pets having difficulty rising and walking; considering it to be just a simple illness that the dog can live by. However, when not treated […]


Tips on Taking Great Puppy Portraits

We have just got our second Labrador puppy this year. Our last chocolate male Labrador Sam, we were shooting photographs with film. We lost most of his puppy pictures to a bad roll of film. Shooting photographs with digital now is much easier to get lots of great puppy pics. My number one tip is […]


Choosing a Dog Collar for your new best friend

When you get your first dog, there’s definitely a learning curve involved. You have to learn to train him, remember to feed him, and of course, you have to outfit him! After all, you certainly can’t have your new friend running around naked, can you? Time to buy him a dog collar! There are several […]


Prefab Kennels: The Ideal Home for Your Pooch

An aspect of responsible dog ownership is making sure that your canine stays out of trouble. One way of doing this is to keep your dog in a kennel. You will not encounter much difficulty in keeping your dog within your own yard if you have high fences around your yard. However, if your fence […]


How to buy the perfect treeless saddle

Treeless saddles are quite possibly the best thing to use as your seat while riding on your horse. Although it all started with the treed saddle, latest needs on providing comfort, security, style and elegance both for the horse and its rider have increasingly modernized. The production of the saddles are not limited to offering […]


Dog Training Schools Bring Out the Best in Your Pet

Dogs are primal by nature. They primarily thrive on their instincts to get by. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be trained. Since dogs nowadays are treated as pets, it’s important for their owners to ensure that they get the proper training to help instill discipline and obedience. And since not all pet owners […]